Chess House Reviews

Chess House became one of the most remarkable companies in the chess industry for reasons. In its history, this company has faced many changes in its management and ownership. At first, it was established by Jack B. Winters, the highest-rated player (USCF) in Missouri, in 1972.

Chess House Reviews
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Then, in 1979, Donald Lynn Oswald bought this company in Kansas. Until Elliot and Raphael Neff acquired Chess House after Don died in 1994. The Neff brothers brought this company home to Lynden, WA.

Now, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, this company has built a solid customer base. It has helped over 265K people to find the best chess set. Its domination also allows them 6.9K followers on Facebook and 2.5K on Instagram.

So that’s general information about the company. Are you still curious about this chess store? Let’s dig for more information about this in our Chess House review!

Why Shop At Chess House Store?

When it comes to a one-stop chess store, Chess House is the best option. This company carefully chose all the product’s design and collection that has been tested, played, and photographed. What a guaranteed quality and reliability.

Additionally, all products are packed with care to ensure maximum satisfaction in all aspects. It has developed superb packing techniques to ensure the products arrive at your door safely.

Its customer service team will also be relentlessly helpful in assisting your purchasing journeys. On top of that, the free shipping and 90-day return policy will boost your satisfaction to the max.

What's On Chess House

Simply from its name, you’ll guess that this brand offers chess-related products. And indeed, it does. At Chess House, you can find an impressive range of chess supplies, from affordable mini chessboards to the highest-value heirloom chess sets.

Most of the items also have premium quality with top-notch material. Whether chess computers or chess storage, it has the best one. Furthermore, find several renowned brands like Millennium, DGT, and SquareOff.

Chess House Kit Collections

  • Chess Sets: Chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, replacement, personalized board, leather chess sets, etc
  • Supplies: Teaching supplies, chess clocks, chess scorebooks, bags, cases, tables, storage boxes, etc
  • Electronics: Online connected, luxury, portable, self-moving, accessories, etc

Its expansive product collections are highly outstanding for your chess-playing needs. However, are all of those products worth purchasing? Our Chess House review will break down further about some of their products!

Chess House Flex Pad Reviews

Flex Pad Club Chess Board (USA)

Looking for a chessboard that wouldn’t take up much space? Seamlessly fit to your bag and highly lightweight. The Chess House Flex Pad Club Chess Board (USA) is a flexible chessboard made of roll-up vinyl.

Chess House Flex Pad Reviews
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Only 1/16 inch thick, it’s effortless to roll up and can lay flat after being rolled up or folded. Remember, the squares should face outwards when rolling up for better results. Also, you can pair it with a standard-size club or collectible chess pieces.

This flex chessboard has a smooth playing surface that suits any club style, regulation size, and felt-based pieces well. Simply bring it in your bag to start your chess game anywhere, whether for personal, club, or school use.

Flex Pad Club Chess Board Details

  • Size: 20″ x 20″ x 1/16″
  • Square size: 2 1/4″
  • Weight: 9.8 oz

In addition, it comes in multiple cute colors, from Hot Pink to Slate Blue. Thus, you are always ready to play anywhere with a highly portable and flexible chessboard at $16!

Chess House Millennium Chess Computer Reviews

Millennium Chess Computer - Chess Genius PRO

The chess computer is a cutting-edge chess board that brings your play to the next level. The Chess House-Millennium Chess Computer-Chess Genius Pro is one of the best-selling items that you can find in its collection.

Chess House Millennium Chess Computer Reviews
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More importantly, this powerful chess computer features the world champion software ChessGenius by Richard Lang. Enjoy a more challenging play. Also, the PRO version has an enhanced, elegant design that looks good no matter what.

Using the faster processor and super fast response, it’ll provide endless chess enjoyment. Keep your mind active and move your pieces. With the various set play strengths, it’s suitable for any player, from beginners to master-level players.

Millennium Chess Computer Details

  • Size: 10.83 x 11.81 x 1.26 “
  • Display Dimension: 7.9″ x 7.”
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

It’s also equipped with MILLENNIUM unique HighSensitive technology, power saving mode, and a lighted LCD screen for better performance. Moreover, the 11″ size offers great convenience for portability while traveling. So, level up your performance with Millennium Chess Computer at $149!

Chess House Chess Sets Reviews

9" Milled Leather Travel Magnetic Chess Set with Wood Pieces

The last product that comes to our list is the best-selling chess set. The Chess House 9″ Milled Leather Travel Magnetic Chess Set with Wood Pieces is designed for convenience and playability.

Chess House Chess Sets Reviews
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Elegantly, it comes with hand-crafted wooden pieces with great design. Plus, the soft-milled leather boards boost the look with a fancy touch. You’ll love the pleasing tactile experience when playing.

The look and the magnetic pieces also offer great features to keep in place. Enhanced stability and uninterrupted play make it perfect for outdoor settings and traveling.

Travel Chess Set Details

  • Size: 9.5″ x 5″ x 2.5″
  • Square size: 1″
  • Weight: 13.4 oz

The travel chest set is compact with soft fabric pouches, making it very easy to carry and store. Overall, it could be great for chess enthusiasts who enjoy playing outdoors. So, enjoy uninterrupted chess gameplay with this compact travel chess set at $59 ($69.95 regular price)!

Chess House Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Chess House has become one of the big brands well known for its reasonable pricing. It allows people to find many products from remarkable brands at the best deals. However, its wide selection of products gives this brand a wide pricing range. Below is the price list of the three products reviewed above:

  • Flex Pad Club Chess Board (USA): $16
  • Millennium Chess Computer – Chess Genius PRO: $179 $149
  • 9″ Milled Leather Travel Magnetic Chess Set with Wood Pieces: $69.95 $59

See, you know how the products above have a great discount that is currently available. You can also harness more savings when purchasing from the official store:

  • Free shipping on US orders of $75
  • Find a list of promo codes for special discounts on the Coupons page
  • Get products at the most fair price at the warehouse clearance page
  • Discover all products currently on markdown on the Sale page
  • Apply the SALE20 coupon code to take an extra 20% off
  • Join the newsletter to get the latest discount codes and offers

Chess House Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Although many companies keep emerging throughout the years, this company successfully maintains its existence.

Chess House Customer Reviews
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Instead, this company keeps widening its customer base. As a result, the number of customer reviews is increasing yearly. Here’s the rating data from several review platforms:

  • collected 8,178 reviews with a 4.78/5 average rating 
  • Shopper Approved had 20,817 reviews with 4.8/5 rating 
  • Facebook received 44 testimonials with 4,5/5 rating

It’s perfect proof of the company’s trustworthiness, with high ratings and reviews across platforms. Now let’s see the customer’s positive and negative experience in Chess House reviews:

Great travel bag with plenty of storage space for all the items you’ll need. I also like the Flex chessboard. The pieces are easier to shift compared to my silicone chessboard. I’m satisfied with my purchase, and once again, Chess House lived up to its superior reputation.

Aside from the highly positive customer experience, we chose one customer complaint exceptionally. Here it is:

It is a great traveling set… Its pieces are well-made and attractive. Sadly, the magnets are not strong on all the pieces and prevent it from getting a five-star review…

Nealy, all the feedback states about the excellent product quality and design. It is made of quality material with excellent performance. Conversely, there are mixed reviews about the magnetic strength in magnet chess.

Is Chess House Worth It?

From all sections in our reviews, Chess House has proven its worthiness. Its long history and thousands of customer reviews boost its trustworthiness. The company also ensures every product has the highest quality and is the most affordable or sophisticated.

Is Chess House Worth It?
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For the pricing, you can ensure it’ll the quality it delivers. More importantly, we see how good the chess products are with great details for their function. Overall, it has all the aspects that uphold its reputation and make it worth it.

Chess House Pros And Cons

Before making your decision, you should consider the very downside and strengths of the company. So think about the brand’s pros and cons below:


  • Wide range of chess products
  • Made of quality materials
  • Reliable and trustworthy company
  • Great pricing ranges from affordable to expensive
  • Many sales available
  • Helpful and friendly customer service
  • Free shipping
  • 90 days return policy
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • No free worldwide shipping
  • Mixed opinions about the magnet’s strength.

Chess House Customer Service

How To Contact

If you face any issues, you’re welcome to reach their customer service. Their team will be on the line from Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm Pacific Time via:

Chess House Location Address

Chess House
705 Grover Street
Lynden, WA 98264

Where To Buy Chess House

The best place to grab your chess for an amusing play is by visiting its online store at The company also offers a pickup online order to its Lynden, Washington, U.S.A warehouse. Plus, its expansive chess collection is also available on online shopping platforms like Amazon!


Frequently Asked Questions

When browsing for Chess House reviews, some people are also curious about several questions. Below are some FAQs that you may be curious about:

Who owns Chess House?

This chess supplies retail store is owned by Raphael Neff and Elliott Neff.

Does Chess House ship internationally?

Yes, it does. The company ships its chess supplies to anywhere in the world.


Our Chess House review has jotted down all the vital information about this company. All in all, this company is a reliable place to find quality chess products at affordable prices. Its chess collections cover everything from chess sets to storage.

Moreover, all products are chosen from the best brands so you can find the best products in one place. So, upgrade your chess products, whether a travel chess kit or a chess computer at Chess House!

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