Proviz Review

The history of Proviz Sports was started in London in 2008. The two brothers, Anthony and Rupert Langly Smith, who rode bikes for their daily commuting, realised the limitations of cycling products.

Proviz Review
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After knowing this market gap, they set out to establish a brand with harmonious innovation, performance and high effectivity for your activity. Furthermore, this company spent so much time researching the correct manufacturers and product development.

The first launch product is the Nightrider Collection, which led the company to receive the Red Dot Design Award. It helped the brand gain recognition, with over 63K followers on Facebook and 29.2K on Instagram.

Not stopping there, this brand keeps gaining more awards each year. For instance, the Amazon Growing Business Award 2018, Best British Business Award 2018 and more. Even better, its amazing products have been featured in The Sunday Times, BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, etc.

Seems so legit, right? But what exactly makes this brand gain this huge recognition in the industry? Hence, our Proviz review will dig deeper into every important information. Let’s keep scrolling down!

Why Shop At Proviz UK?

Striving to be the world’s most innovative sports brand, Proviz has impressive products. Its collection can empower the customer with a positive impact. Furthermore, they carefully observe what our outdoor sports needs for better performance.

Its times are designed with functionality in mind using the most advanced design and quality material. On top of that, keeping sustainability in mind allows them to donate part of their sale to recycling and charity.

In addition, its team will be available 24/7 to always be open to listen to customer needs. Also, the customer service quality is enhanced with free delivery, international shipping and a 30-day return policy.

What's On Proviz Sports

Proviz is a sports brand for those looking for outdoor clothing and accessories, no matter your activity level. The products are designed with outdoor activity in mind to ensure the best support for your performance.

So undoubtfully its products have super quality and quality thanks to the unmatched material and design. Covering an expansive collection makes it the best stop to find, from jackets to torches for men and women.

Proviz Product Collections

  • Cycling: Jackets, Gilets, Gloves, Overshoes, Bike Lights, Sunglass, etc
  • Running: Hoodies, Shorts, Leggings, Beanies, Backpacks, Phone Holders, etc
  • Outdoor: Waterproof Dog Jackets, Waterproof Trousers, Scarves, Neck Warmers, etc
  • Collections: REFLECT 360, CLASSIC, nightrider, PIXELITE, LED 360, SWITCH, etc

When we state “one-stop shop,” we’re not joking. The brand covers a huge range of clothing from hiking to cycling, whether for hot or cold seasons. But are all of that good? To answer this answer, we’ll walk you through our Proviz review!

Proviz REFLECT 360 Plus Jacket Review

REFLECT360 Plus Men's Fully Reflective Enhanced Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Looking for reliable clothing for cycling? Look no further than this Proviz Jacket REFLECT 360 Plus, which is technically designed for cycling. The 10,000gm/24hr breathability and 10,000mm waterproofing will ensure robust outdoor cycling performance.

Proviz REFLECT 360 Plus Jacket Review
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In addition, the main selling point of this cycling jacket is the upgraded material for remarkable reflective capability. You’ll love how it changes from grey during the day to reflective white during the night. The lightweight material and shoulder vents will help to stay cool during the intense ride.

The jacket also features a front zip vent, a large lower back pocket and an inside chest pocket for carrying essential and enhanced functionality. Furthermore, enjoy better motion and flexibility with the raglan sleeve design.

Proviz Cycling Jacket Details

  • Sizes: XS to 5XL
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: 400g

For enhanced comfort, it uses a mesh lining and fleece-lined collar. Thus, bring your riding experience to the next level to beat winter and rain with this cycling jacket at £110.49!

Proviz Nightrider Review

Men's Cycling Reflective & Waterproof Jacket

The Nightrider Men’s Cycling Reflective & Waterproof Jacket is a day-to-night versatile jacket for year-round cycling. It combines the Reflect360 material with a high-spec waterproof and breathable fabric.

Proviz Nightrider Review
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This duo super material delivers an uncompromised visibility for riding day and night. Besides, this material embraces superb breathability and temperature regulation balance. Also, boost the waterproofing to stay dry and comfortable while riding.

The addition of a micro-fleece lined collar offers extra comfort and warmth. This nightrider jacket is designed with an adjustable waistband and velcro cuff, offering the best fit for ultimate free movement.

Nightrider Cycling Jacket Details

  • Sizes: XS to 5XL
  • Colour: Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Red
  • Weight: 440g

What we like about this jacket are the various colour options to stay stylish. So, rediscover your comfort and joy of cycling anytime with enhanced safety and style at £94.99. Psst, it’s on sale for only £80.74!

Proviz Reflect 360 Backpack Review

Reflect 360 Fully Reflective Cycling & Commuting 30L Backpack

Need a backpack that can support your outdoor cycling activity? This REFLECT360 Cycling and Commuting Backpack is truly engineered for your needs. It’s fully adjustable and unisex to provide high functionality.

Proviz Reflect 360 Backpack Review
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Designed with a super comfortable rucksack that fits your body, it guarantees stability under use. Like other collections, it uses reflective materials to let other road users notice your position when riding at night.

It also has other features that are highly important for outdoor gear. For instance, the waterproof, AquaGuard zips, webbing haul, mesh pockets, gear loops, laptop compartment, and more. Overall, we found all the specs you may need outdoors.

Proviz Backpack REFLECT360 Details

  • Sizes: 54 x 34cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Capacity: 30 litre

The integrated BES Beetle ventilation system can enhance the airflow between the bag and your back. No more uncomfortable and damp back. So bring this superior backpack for a better storage and cycling experience during the night at only £63.74!

Proviz Overshoes Review

REFLECT360 Reflective Cycling Overshoes

Always run out of shoes during the rainy season? Then it’s time to get your shoes extra protection like a raincoat. The Proviz REFLECT 360 Overshoes offer super weather resistance with reflectivity for night riders and commuters.

Proviz Overshoes Review
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As you know, the REFLECT360 technology will allow this overshoe to have the same functionality as headlights. So, it’ll light up with a bright white illumination during the night. Other road users will easily notice you for safer night riding.

To enhance its functionality as waterproof shoe protection, it features a weather-resistant lock zipper, calf hook and loop adjustment. Besides, it also comes with a reinforced toe and heel as well as an open sole for the cleats. What a great feature for a weather-resistant shoe cover.

Proviz Shoes Cover Details

  • Sizes: S to 2XL
  • Colour: Orange, Black, Pink, and Yellow

In fact, these shoes are indeed a great item to beat any weather during the outdoor ride. The weather-resistant and windproof PU-coated fleece will ensure superior performance. Thus, keep your shoes protected in any weather with this REFLECT360 cycling shoes cover at £25!

Proviz Running Gilet Review

REFLECT360 Women's Fully Reflective Running Gilet

The Proviz REFLECT 360 Running Gilet is a lightweight running clothing that helps you stand out at night. Similar to its running jacket, this gilet focuses on the weight for ultimate running comfort.

Proviz Running Gilet Review
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This gilet only weighs 100g, so light you won’t even feel like wearing an extra layer. Furthermore, it features a comfortable soft mesh back and underarms for robust heat dissipation.

Absolutely, this gilet combines with the reflective material to illuminate a bright light. The astonishing reflectivity will help you to stand out when other drivers notice you. No worry about your visibility.

Reflective Running Gilet Details

  • Sizes: 6-22
  • Colour: GreyBlack
  • Weight: 100gr

This gilet also comes with two side pockets and an adjustable waist for a flexible fit. All in all, it has superb breathability, windproofing and water resistance. Thus, run with your confidence along with this super comfortable and lightweight running gilet at £74.99!

Proviz Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

The price range of Proviz Sports is varied due to the expansive product collection at £4.50 to £189.99. The lowest-priced product is the Classic Explorer Mid-Length Cycling & Running Socks. Meanwhile, the highest-priced is the REFLECT360 Platinum Fully Reflective Commuter Cycling Jacket.

Some of you may think its price is high. But relatively, the pricing is reasonable with the quality and many discounts offered. Thus, we’ve hunted down all the perks to help you save more.

Proviz Sale and Discount Code

  • Free delivery on orders over £75
  • 15% OFF on the commuter essentials
  • Up to 70% OFF special discount on the Sale page
  • Get a 15% discount code by joining as a club member
  • Join the newsletter for 10% OFF promo code and future perks notifications.

Proviz Sports Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As a big brand in the outdoor clothing and accessories industry, this brand has a vast number of purchases and customer reviews. Impressively, it has 11,204 reviews in total, with 4.6/5 average ratings in Trustpilot. Now, check the best sellers reviews and rating stats below:

Proviz Sports Reviews
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With hundreds of reviews, this brand still has a high average rating. Indicate how this brand ensures customer satisfaction when purchasing its products regarding quality and service. Here’s what the customer said in one of Proviz reviews:

The jacket has nice fittings to improve visibility, and it’s great to have a commuter bike jacket that fits well. Usually, I have issues with short sleeves, but not with this jacket. There’s plenty of room to have layers underneath as well.

For comparing both negative and positive reviews, we need to check the customer nitpicks. So, the following is a gloves review that contains complaints:

… It keeps the fingers warm, but the cuffs are slightly small. And since there are multiple layers inside, you get to move between layers when gripping the handlebars…

With high ratings, most customers have positive experiences with many compliments about its products. They state how good the quality is with excellent materials and designs. For the complaints we found many customer states about the size runs small.

Is Proviz Worth It?

You may question whether investing your money in this brand is worth it. So we’ll make it clear. Proviz is worth it when it comes to cycling, running and outdoor clothing and accessories.

Using cutting-edge technology, design, and material ensures unparalleled performance. Its product indeed provides the best features and comfort for your activity. The price is also pretty affordable with many discounts. Thus, you can scour the brand and find the best gear!

Proviz Pros and Cons

Time to make your decision! As a smart buyer, consider every negative and positive side of the brand. So check the pros and cons list below.


  • Reflective materials
  • Stylish and functional design
  • Comfortable material and build
  • Highly breathable and weatherproof
  • Many discounts are available
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • High rated reviews


  • The size runs small.

Proviz Customer Service

How To Contact

If you have anything lingering in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact the Proviz customer support team via email: Furthermore, you can also reach it on social media @provizsports. After sending your message, wait 48 hours to get the replies.

Headquarters Address

Fleet House
New Road, Lancaster
England, LA1 1EZ

Where To Buy Proviz Sports

It’s time to upgrade your sports wardrobe for a better and more comfortable performance! Its wide selection of sports clothing is obtainable on its official website at and Amazon.

Besides, offline purchases are also available in stockists UK. Find on the distributors and store locators page!


Frequently Asked Questions

When investigating the Proviz review, some people also have several related questions lingering in their minds. So, we’ve jotted down those FAQs for additional information.

Who is the owner of Proviz?

This sports brand is owned by two brothers, Anthony and Rupert Langly Smith.

Are Proviz jackets good?

Yes, its jackets are good with a special design based on the usage. For instance, the cycling jacket will feature good breathability.

Where is Proviz Sports located?

The UK headquarters is located in Lancaster, England.

What is the return policy for Proviz?

All sports products are covered with a 30-day return policy for unworn and original state products.


You can’t cope with your regular clothing when it comes to cycling, running and other outdoor activities. Our Proviz review has covered a reliable brand for outdoor clothing and gear.

This one-stop store has all you need for outdoor activity, from a breathable jacket to a weatherproof backpack. Not to mention, it has great reflectivity that boasts your safety during the night activity. So, explore Proviz Sports now for an absolute outdoor experience!

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