BIG MAX Golf Review

As a golf enthusiast, the name Big Max Wolf might not sound familiar to you. Sure it is. That’s because it is the #1 European brand in manufacturing and delivering golf trolleys, carts, and other golf equipment.

BIG MAX Golf Review
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This brand has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Yep, this golf trolley manufacturer has been established since 1994. And 14 years later, Big Max Golf managed to take over the European golf market with a wide variety of innovative golf equipment.

Due to the great success that the brand has achieved in the global golf market, they were awarded as one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. And that can be further proven by how the brand has successfully conquered the United States golf market since its expansion in 2014.

Is this brand famous? Indeed. This brand is famous and has been talked about by golf enthusiasts many times. You can figure it out by how they boast 2k followers on Facebook, 3.9k followers on Instagram, and 1.1k followers on Twitter,

Not only that, but they also have a YouTube channel with 300+ subscribers. So, in case you want to stay up to date with the latest information and offers from the brand, you can follow their social media.

Besides their social media, you can also get the most relevant information about this brand through this Big Max Golf review. Let’s see what you can spot.

Why BIG MAX Golf?

Aside from being the #1 brand in the global golf market, there are many other reasons why Big Max Golf should be your first place when searching for golf trolleys, carts, or travel bags.

First, because of its great success in selling a wide range of golf carts, they currently have sold more than 1 million Big Max Golf carts worldwide. They have several official stores in some countries to reach out to all golf lovers around the world.

So, when you plan to shop for golf carts or other golf equipment in this brand, you can choose the store that is nearest to where you live. There are four store options that you can choose from, United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and International.

The quality provided by this brand in each of its products always comes with the best quality. It is proven by how this brand received excellent ratings from 10,000+ customer reviews.

As the number one brand, they have also collected more than 50 awards and are featured in various golf-related media presses.

Apart from the facts above, this brand also offers something remarkable. What is it? They provide international shipping, where you can choose the store according to the country you live in, be it US, UK, or International.

Big Max Golf also provides a 2-year warranty that you can extend up to 5 years if you register your product. Or if you’re not satisfied with the quality this brand offers, you can request a return since they provide 30 days return and refund policy.

What's On BIG MAX Golf

Not only you can get various carts, but you can also find some golf equipment, such as stand bags, cart bags, and other accessories with Big Max Golf.

What's On BIG MAX Golf
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And this Big Max Golf review has summarized the product categories and types of products provided on the brand’s official website for the US store.

  • Push Cart
    • FlatFold Carts: Blade IP, Blase Quattro, and Autofold FF
    • Manual Carts: IQ 360, Autofold X, TI Lite, and IQ+
  • Stand Bag
    • DRI Lite Bags: DRI Lite Summit, DRI Lite Hybrid Tour, DRI Lite Seven, and DRI Lite Hybrid
  • Cart Bag
    • Aqua Bags: Aqua Sport 3
    • DRI Lite Bags: DRI Lite Sport
  • Accessories
    • Push Cart Accessories: Quick Fix Classic Umbrella Holder, Drop Stop Rain system, Quick Fix Umbrella Holder Lite, Quick Fix Pro Umbrella Holder, and Quick Fix Phone Holder
    • Golf Bag Accessories: Rain Safe System
    • Umbrellas: Aqua UV-Umbrella
    • Transport/Travel Bags: Autofold FF Travel cover, Blade Travel cover, and IQ+ Travel cover

To give you an idea of the quality of each product from this brand, we took two best-selling products from the push cart and cart bag categories.

Big Max Golf 2 Best-Selling Products from Two Categories

  • Big Max Golf Blade IP Cart
  • Big Max Golf Aqua Sport 3 Bag

Without further ado, let’s break down these two best-selling products.

Big Max Golf Blade IP Cart Review

If you are in search of a golf cart from this brand, then the first option you should check out is the Big Max Golf Blade IP Cart. Why? Because it is the greatest of the best! Proven by how it won 5x the Editors Choice Award from 2018 to 2022.

Big Max Golf Blade IP Cart Review
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All aspects of this golf cart are perfect. And that’s what makes this cart become the winner and leader in the golf market.

One thing that stands out the most about this golf cart is its ultra-compact design. With Flat Fold technology applied to this buggy, you can assemble and disassemble it quickly and easily. This technology will also give you the convenience to carry it anywhere and store it in any place.

Not only that, but this trolley is also equipped with an organizer panel that can give you a spacious place to store bottles, tees, golf balls, ball makers, and so on. You can also personalize some golf accessories to be installed on this golf cart, such as a cellphone holder, GPS device, or umbrella holder.

Do you have a bigger bag size? No need to worry. Although it comes with an ultra-compact design, this Blade IP cart can easily carry any size of your golf bag due to its stable design.

For safety and convenience, this trolley also features a double brake system that will ensure it stays in place when locked. With this, you can peacefully park this trolley on any slope of your golf course.

Big Max Golf Aqua Sport 3 Bag Review

Rain is no longer a big problem for golf geeks. By having this Big Max Golf Aqua Sport 3 Bag waterproof, you can enjoy golfing in the rain without worrying about getting your luggage wet.

Big Max Golf Aqua Sport 3 Bag Review
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The Aqua Sport 3 is totally waterproof and made with 100% waterproof material, sealed seams, and waterproof zippers. Plus, it also uses the I-Dry system that ensures your golf equipment and belongings stay dry even in the wettest weather.

Not only waterproof, but this cart bag also comes with a sporty and colorful design, representing the fun of playing golf.

Apart from that, this waterproof cart is equipped with a 14-way organizer that will give you the convenience to position your golf clubs and keep them from colliding with each other.

There are many features possessed by this bag to simplify the organization of your golf equipment. And one of them is hooks that you can use to store towels, umbrella stands, and so forth.

On a sunny day, enjoying a cold drink after an hour of golf will surely be refreshing. With this Aqua Sport 3 bag featuring an integrated cooler pocket, you don’t need to bring a portable icebox to enjoy a cold drink anymore.

BIG MAX Golf Pricing

With four categories of golf equipment sold by this brand, the price of each category is also varied. And this Big Max Golf review has summarized the price range of the four categories for your shopping convenience.

  • Push Cart: For this cart category, the cheapest price is $179, and the most expensive is at $359.
  • Stand Bag: If you are looking for a stand bag from this brand, you may need to budget between $179 and $259.
  • Cart Bag: For this category, your budget should be around $259$279.
  • Accessories: Since there is a wide variety of items in this category, the prices also vary. If you’re looking for cart accessories, travel bags, and even umbrellas, you can expect to pay between $15 and $150.

Despite the wide variety of prices, the brand also offers discounts and coupons that you can use to save on your purchases. And we have rounded up some Big Max Golf coupon codes and discounts for your better purchase.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get coupon codes and exclusive offers
  • Make a purchase over $39 and enjoy free shipping

BIG MAX Golf Pros & Cons

For your convenience to understand more about Big Max Golf. In this section, we will reveal the pros and cons of this brand. 

Big Max Golf Pros

  • A #1 brand in the golf market
  • All of its products come with outstanding quality
  • Provides a wide range of golf equipment, from carts, bags, and even accessories
  • International shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Many customers are satisfied with what this brand provides

Big Max Golf Cons

  • Some people complain about slow customer service response

BIG MAX Golf Customer Testimonials

Have you decided to bring home one of this brand’s golf carts, bags, or accessories? Hold on. Take a moment to look at the customer reviews for this brand.

BIG MAX Golf Customer Testimonials
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Let’s start with a customer’s review of the Blade IP cart.

Excellent product! It’s super sleek and handles perfectly on the golf course. Take note of bag placement on the bottom to ensure stability. Great customer service too.

In his testimonial, this happy customer revealed several points that satisfied him with this golf cart. According to him, Blade IP is exceptionally sleek and handles very well when he takes it on the golf course. He also expressed his satisfaction with the brand’s customer service, which immensely helped him.

Next is the customer review of Aqua Sport 3.

This whole bag is awesome! It has plenty of pockets and keeps everything dry.

In his review, this customer explained how this golf bag has outstanding quality. In addition, he liked how this golf bag comes with many pockets that allow him to store various golf equipment. This customer also revealed how this bag could stay dry when he brought it in the rainy season.

It looks like the #1 brand title held by Big Max Golf is not just a mere delusion. Based on the two testimonials above proves that this brand deserves to be the number one brand in the golf market. On top of that, the quality of products and services this brand offers are all the best.

Is BIG MAX Golf Worth It?

Based on the fact that this brand has become the #1 brand in the golf equipment manufacturing industry, we would, without a doubt, agree that this brand is worth it. All golf equipment products sold by this brand come with the best quality that will increase your enjoyment of playing golf.

In addition, many customers who have purchased products from this brand also expressed their satisfaction with the quality and service provided.

So, if you are looking for a brand that provides high-quality golf equipment, then Big Max Golf is the first place you should go.

How to Contact BIG MAX Golf

BIG MAX Golf Customer Service

Perhaps you have some questions that you would like to ask about this brand, and you can ask them directly to their customer service. Whether it’s about ordering, shipping, warranty, or anything else, their customer service team will help you find the answers to your questions.

And this Big Max Golf review has compiled the contacts of this brand that you can get in touch with.

Alternatively, you can also ask your question via the form provided. There, you just have to fill in your name, email, question category, phone number, and message.

Where to Buy BIG MAX Golf?

As mentioned, this brand has several official US, UK, EU, and International stores. So, if you want to buy products from Big Max Golf, then you can choose the store nearest to where you live.

The way to change the store region is relatively easy; you just need to click the country logo on the top left of your screen. After that, choose the area that suits your location.

Alternatively, you can also get products from this brand through well-known retail stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.


We have summarized some of the most frequently asked questions by people on the internet. In case you have the same questions about the brand, you can check them out below.

Who owns BIG MAX Golf?

Currently, the owner of BIG MAX Golf is Thomas Reiter, who also serves as CEO of this brand.

Where is BIG MAX Golf from?

This brand is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Who made BIG MAX Golf?

The person behind the establishment of BIG MAX Golf is Thomas Reiter.


To sum up, Big Max Golf is one of the best places for you who searching for high-quality golf equipment. Its label as the #1 brand is not just nonsense.

Through this brand, you will always get the best quality golf carts, bags, and accessories to support your golf game to be more fun and exciting.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the official website and bring home the best golf equipment for you.

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