STIGA Table Tennis Review

If you are a table tennis enthusiast, the name Stiga Sports will be familiar to you. Yep, it’s a global company with over a hundred partners spread across the globe. And Stiga US is one of them.

STIGA Table Tennis Review
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Is it your first time hearing the name Stiga Sports? If so, let me introduce you to the brand. Let’s start with its history.

Stiga Sports is one of the oldest and biggest brands in manufacturing and providing high-quality table tennis gear for professionals and table tennis enthusiasts. The brand has been in the industry since 1944 and has supported various table tennis teams and players in the world.

And to prove its mission of providing high-quality ping-pong tennis products to people all over the world, the brand has established several branches, one of which is Stiga US.

This branch of the world’s largest table tennis brand is devoted to serving and providing ping-pong gear for Americans and Canadians. If you want to get the latest information about this brand, you can follow its social media, which currently boasts 1.2k followers.

So what does this offshoot brand have to offer? Is the quality the same as what Stiga Sports offers? You can get the answer by exploring this Stiga review. So, keep scrolling down!


Why should I choose Stiga US? Obviously, it’s because of the quality. Since it is a branch of the biggest table tennis brand, the quality sold on its official website is the same as what is available at Stiga company.

Through this brand, you will always get top-quality and outstanding table tennis gear. Plus, the brand designs each of its products using the best raw materials, high-standard craftsmanship, and the latest technologies. With this, the best quality is what you will always get at this offshoot brand.

Let me ask you. Do you know table tennis players like Audrey Zarif, Andrea Pavlovic, Ioannis Sgouropoulos, or Romain Ruiz? If you do, then you probably wouldn’t hesitate to choose the products from this brand since the players above are players supported by Stiga Sports.

Anyway, just like the name suggests, this brand is specialized in providing table tennis products for the US and Canada. Which means they do not support international shipping.

This offshoot brand always ensures 100% satisfaction for its customers. However, if you are not satisfied with the products provided by this table tennis brand, then you can request a return. No need to worry, because this brand offers a 30-day return policy.

What's On STIGA

Through Stiga US, you can get a huge selection of table tennis gear, such as tennis tables, ping pong paddles, table tennis balls, and accessories.

What's On STIGA
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Each of these four gear options has its own category. For tennis tables, the brand provides several categories, such as; indoor, outdoor, competition, compact, and specialty tables.

As for ping pong paddles, you can have categories such as performance table tennis rackets, intermediate table tennis rackets, and recreational table tennis rackets.

Having paddles will definitely not be perfect if you don’t have the balls, so get all the quality Stiga balls from this brand.

In addition to the three gears above, this brand also provides several table tennis accessories, such as nets, table accessories, and paddle accessories. So perhaps you are looking for supporting accessories for table tennis gear, this brand has got you covered.

Well, out of the four table tennis gear options provided by this brand. We found that there are three products that are most favored and sought after by people.

Stiga US Review: Three Most Favored Table Tennis Gear

  • Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle
  • Stiga Raptor Paddle
  • Stiga Onyx Table Tennis Table

Without further ado, let’s break down these three products!

STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle Review

First up is the Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle, a tennis table racket designed for competition. Constructed from premium S5 rubber, a 2mm sponge, a 7-ply light blade, and a concave pro handle, this Stiga paddle really makes it easy for you to win matches.

STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle Review
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The S5 rubber and 2mm sponge in this paddle serves to deliver outstanding control with maximum elasticity. This will make it easier for you to receive the ping pong ball and return it to the spot that will bring you victory.

This ping pong paddle is also equipped with 2 layers of carbon fiber coupled with 5 layers of ultra-lightweight balsa wood center-ply that can increase your rigidity, speed, and reaction time when receiving the ball.

On top of that, this table tennis paddle uses Crystal technology combined with WRB to provide fast return and more power in fierce matches.

STIGA Raptor Paddle Review

Just like the Pro Carbon, this Stiga Raptor Paddle is also designed for big tournaments. It is constructed from premium materials and comes with features that make it perfect for tournament play.

STIGA Raptor Paddle Review
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This table tennis racket is designed using S5 rubber and a 2.0mm sponge coupled with ACS technology, whose combination will produce great high-speed, maximum elasticity, and excellent control.

Moreover, this ping pong paddle features a concave pro handle, which will provide a fast return and balanced power when you receive the ball and return it.

On top of that, it is also equipped with 5 layers of lightweight balsa wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber that can deliver a larger spot for more precise hits.

STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table Review

It’s not just Stiga paddles that are wowing people, but that also applies to tennis tables. And one of the tennis tables people love from this brand is the Stiga Onyx Table Tennis Table.

STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table Review
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This Stiga Onyx is a table tennis table suitable for indoor use. Not only that, but it also comes with a tournament style with independent roller chassis and heavy-duty 50 x 20mm steel aprons.

In addition, the top of this table tennis table is equipped with a 25mm UV repeat roller coat to finish to provide maximum performance during use. On the other hand, the bottom of this table is constructed with 50mm welded H-style legs and leg levelers for maximum stability in fierce tournaments.

When you purchase this Onyx tournament table, you don’t have to worry about assembling it. That’s because it comes 95% pre-assembled, so you only need 10 minutes to assemble the table fully.

STIGA Pricing

The price of the ping pong gear available at this brand depends on the type of gear you are going to buy. Each gear category, from tables, paddles, balls, and accessories, has a different price.

And this Stiga review has summarized the price range of each category of this brand for your convenience when making purchases at this brand.

Shhh, the good news is coming. In addition to the varied prices, this tennis table brand also provides discounts to save on your purchases. And we have rounded up some Stiga US discount codes for your convenience.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and unlock 10% OFF on your first purchase
  • Spend more than $50 on Rackets and Accessories and enjoy free standard shipping.

Have a good shopping day!

STIGA Pros & Cons

No matter how positive the statement about a brand is, they still have their strengths and weaknesses. And that also applies to Stiga Table Tennis. In this section, we have summarized and compiled the pros and cons of this brand. If you’d like, take a moment to check it out.

Stiga US Pros

  • Provides various types of top-notch table tennis gear, such as ping pong tables, paddles, balls, and accessories.
  • All of its products are made from the finest quality raw materials, high-standard craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Its products have been used by famous table tennis players
  • 30 days return policy
  • Excellent customer service

Stiga US Cons

  • Only ship to the United States and Canada

STIGA Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Are you curious about the reviews from customers who have purchased table tennis gear from this offshoot brand? Is the quality the same as what is provided by Stiga Sports? Don’t worry. This Stiga US review has summarized some genuine reviews found on its official website.

STIGA Customer Reviews
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The first review comes from a customer who expressed satisfaction with the brand’s table tennis table.

So pleased with the quality of the product. The compact tennis table is extremely easy to move around and the setup was straightforward.

In his review, he also expressed how he liked the fact that this table is super easy to transport around. This happy customer was also pleased with how easy the setup of this compact table tennis table was.

There was also a customer who gave his review for the paddle from this brand. In this review, he stated that this brand’s paddle has outstanding ball control, power, and spin capabilities.

This paddle has a great capability for ball control, power, and spin.

Not only product reviews, but there is also a happy customer who expressed his satisfaction with Stiga US.

Excellent products. Reasonable Prices. Timely Delivery. Proper Order.

In his review, this customer mentioned four things that satisfied him with this brand. And those four points are the quality of the product, the reasonable price, the fast delivery, and the correct order.

Based on the three testimonials above, we can conclude that the quality presented by this brand has almost the same quality as what is in Stiga Sports. In addition to quality, many customers are also satisfied with the reasonable price, fast shipping, and correct delivery of orders provided by this offshoot brand.

Is STIGA Worth It?

After knowing what the brand has to offer and the customer reviews, this Stiga review agrees to state that the brand is worth it.

Although it is a branch brand of Stiga Sports, the quality provided by them is exactly similar to what you would find in the main brand. Plus, they are also good at serving customers in the United States and Canada in terms of fast shipping and proper delivery.

STIGA Customer Service

How To Contact STIGA

If you have any confusion or questions about this brand, whether it’s about ordering, shipping, returns, and other things, you can ask them directly to their customer service. The customer service of this brand will help you to get answers to your confusion and questions.

And this Stiga review has rounded up some of the contacts available from this brand. Check them out!

Apart from that, you can also ask your questions by filling out the form provided by the brand. There, you can simply fill in your name, email, request type, model number, and question you want to ask.

Where To Buy STIGA Table Tennis?

Are you interested in bringing home the table tennis gear provided by Stiga? If so, visit the official website to browse through the catalogs and add one or two of the products to your cart.

Alternatively, you can also get a selection of the products available at the popular retail store, Amazon.


If you are in the market for a brand that provides the highest quality table tennis gear around the United States and Canada, then Stiga US is the best place to go.

The quality provided by this brand is the same as what you will get at its main brand, Stiga Sports. What are you waiting for? Visit the official website and find the best table tennis gear for yourself.

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