De Marchi Cycling Review

De Marchi has been a legendary brand in the industry for over 75 years. Yup, this company may be older than most of you. It’s the oldest company that specializes in the cycling industry. Emilio De Marchi founded this brand in 1946, allowing him to pioneer Italian cycling apparel.

De Marchi Cycling Review
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It crafted quality sports knitwear for the local sports community and cyclists with a workshop in Conegliano, Italy. He used a hand-operated knitting machine to create a high-quality, dense knit fabric that’s considered the gold standard in cycling apparel.

As time goes by, its Italian cycling clothing has assisted many athletes to get their gold medals. Nowadays, its social media has gathered over 20K followers on Facebook and 16.4K on Instagram. No wonder why it’s such a legend in the cycling industry.

But is its popularity only come from its old age? Let’s see why people trust this brand in our De Marchi review. Here you’ll know the brand testimonials, pricing, the current offers!

Why De Marchi?

Being the oldest cycling apparel brand, it allows this brand to have a profound experience in developing the best products. It chooses the best material and design based on deep insight into the cyclist’s performance.

Every product is carefully crafted with great attention to detail, ensuring premium quality. Besides, it’s not a simple jersey. The design focuses on maximum performance in any condition during your race or cycling.

So with this quality and history, it’s great for enthusiasts and exploring cyclists. Lastly, you’ll be satisfied with the customer service since it has free shipping, 14 days return policy, and 2 years warranty.

What's On De Marchi Cycling

In the fashion world, there’s a remarkable piece where people would recognize the value at first glance. It also happens in the cycling industry. De Marchi has various pieces of the retro cycling jersey industry that become a legend among cyclists.

It offers a great collection of premium cycling apparel and accessories that look classic with top-notch performance. The company also provides a product selection for men and women, from shorts to gloves.

De Marchi Cyclist Product Collections

  • Men: Men Cycling Jersey, Shorts, Tights, accessories, Capas, jackets, etc
  • Women: Cycling jersey, base layers, shorts, thighs, gloves, socks. etc
  • Heritage: Retro jersey replica, classic jersey, bundle heritage, etc

This brand’s also well known for offering replica cyclist apparel like Castelli cycling jerseys and many more. Further, we’ll provide deeper insight into some of the recommended products. So read carefully to see the true quality behind it!

De Marchi Bib Shorts Review

Perfecto Leggero Bib Short

At first glance, we deeply fall for the charm of this De Marchi Perfecto Leggero Bib Short. It’s one of the best-selling bib shorts designed with excellent looking design for black and white color.

De Marchi Bib Shorts Review
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This bib short never goes south to be paired with any jersey for your cycling. Its selling point is not only the beautiful design but also the performance. Featuring the proprietary Elastic Interface Chamois Technology, it would be ideal for road cycling in hot weather.

In addition, Leggero bib shorts are made of quick-drying and lightweight Lycra. So it will provide a great weight for cycling, so you’ll be comfortable with it. But it’s only available to men.

We also like the slim fit that perfectly fits your body like your second skin. Choose your best size in XS to XXL. Thus, keep stylish while cycling with the absolute comfort and performance of these Perfecto Leggero Bib Shorts!

De Marchi Revo Gloves Review

Revo Gloves

Revo Gloves is the most stunning among other De Marchi Gloves. Developed using a scientific approach for hand comfort, it’s the best glove with EIT Palm by Elastic Interface. So it’ll provide ultimate comfort with less handlebar vibrations.

De Marchi Revo Gloves Review
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In fact, most gloves will only focus on grip performance. But thanks to the hybrid foam of HCS by Elastic Interface, it has a high density of 200 kg/m3. With this strategic cushioning, it can relieve pressure in sensitive areas. What a superb cushioning!

Considering the anthropometrical parameters, this glove will work finely to reduce tingling and improve blood flow. Meanwhile, the thermo-molded elastic interface palm can be against molds, counter-molds, and heat.

Overall it’s truly a premium-quality Italian glove with increased moisture management. Available in 5 sizes from XS-XL that you can choose from. Thus. Experience more comfort than your traditional cycling gloves with Revo Gloves!

De Marchi Jersey Review

Audace Merino Jersey

De Marchi Audace Merino Jersey is a masterpiece of premium quality long jerseys. It’s made of 100% Merino Pure New Wool that truly represents the quality of Italian craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the knitting uses the 12-gauge old-school machines for a retro touch.

De Marchi Jersey Review
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Additionally, this wool jersey features doubled collar and cuffs with Riri aged zippers and a traditional Cornely embroidered logo. This superb material is perfect for cycling in weather like cold and intermediate.

This jersey has a wide horizontal blank band for sponsors and patches. Also, it has a sporty and stylish design with various color options, from soft pink to stunning red. A perfect stylish jersey for cycling and even office.

Furthermore, it has a slim fit with an incomprehensive fit. Available in XS to XXL, carefully see the size guide and choose the best fit. So, grab the other cyclist’s attention with this high-performance Audace Merino Jersey!

De Marchi Shoes Reviews

SuperPista Shoes

Surprisingly, this brand also has a collection of cycling shoes. On top of that, it’s designed luxuriously using premium leather. The De Marchi SuperPista Shoes is a luxury cycling shoe for your city adventure.

De Marchi Shoes Reviews
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The design is inspired by the sixties and seventies classic cycling shoes. It’s entirely handmade from 100% full gradin calfskin that is vegetable tanned with traditional technique. It’s more durable and stronger than any old-school cycling shoes.

The crafting process runs in the Riviera del Brenta, where 95% of the world’s luxuries are made. Moreover, the grip rubber bottom finishes over the real leather sole, and the reinforced carbon insert provides robust pedaling power.

Also, the integral heel makes it highly comfortable on and off the saddle. The look is top-notch, with sleek black and the colored shoelace as the point. So, make your outdoor cycling style look more luxurious vintage in 36-47 sizes with these cycling leather shoes!

De Marchi Price

How Much Does It Cost?

As a premium item from a big brand, De Marchi doesn’t cost cheap. But considering the quality and premium it holds, it’s worth the price. Below is the price list of the products we reviewed above: 

Product Regular Price Sale Price
Perfecto Leggero Bib Short $200 $110
Revo Gloves $90 $64.80
Audace Merino Jersey $200 $150
SuperPista Shoes $240 $180

If you are still in a dilemma due to the price, this brand has a great offering currently available. So check the saving listed below:

  • Free shipping with minimal orders in many countries
  • Find the latest deals up to 40% off on the Sale page
  • Save more on bundle purchases for Heritage and Lifestyle collection
  • Join the club to get exclusive privileges, privileges, and other savings
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get a 15% off discount code on your first orders

De Marchi Review

What Do Customers Think?

Although this brand is extremely old, it hasn’t been long since the website was created. So, they have a small number of customer reviews. Fortunately, we found 17 customer reviews on Facebook with a 4,3/5 average rating.

De Marchi Review
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In addition, being an old luxury brand allow it to be reviewed by many experts. For instance, Road.CC, CycleTechReview, Cycling Weekly, Total Women’s Cycling, and others. Mostly, experts have good opinions about the brand. Now let’s see what the customer said in De March reviews: 

Positive first impression. I bought the Cortina Wind Jersey and a Merino Wool Short sleeve underwear…The Cortina wind jersey seems like a well-made and very interesting garment because it is versatile…

Another customer also said:

Top-quality Italian cycling apparel that stays true to its heritage without exception!

Nearly most of the customer has a positive impression of the purchase. It has good material, design, and performance. Furthermore, the only downside is the material shrink in the wrong washing ways. So, ensure the proper cleaning instructions and consider a size guide for the best fit.

Is De Marchi Worth It?

De Marchi is worth investing in if you’re looking for vintage and luxury cycling apparel and accessories. This brand offers quality products born from the unmatched tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

It’s made of the best materials with superb design for total performance. Not to mention the stylish and vintage design that can be a scene stealer and timeless piece, your only concern may be the high pricing. Regardless, it’s the best deal for the quality.

De Marchi Pros And Cons

To help you make the decision that you won’t regret, we’ll highlight this brand’s pros and cons. So carefully check the list below:


  • High-quality material
  • Premium Italian craftmenship
  • Sporty and timeless design
  • High performance and comfortable
  • Offer many great deals
  • Free shipping
  • 14-day return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Positive feedback from customers and experts


  • High pricing
  • Choosing a size can be tricky.

De Marchi Customer Service

How To Contact

Need more information about the brand? Check the contact information below to reach the customer service team:

Headquarters Address

Via XXIV Maggio, 120
Treviso, Italy

Where To Buy

Ready to shop your cycling wear and gear? Then you should shop at its official website at Upgrade your wear to look and feel comfortable for the best cycling performance!


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, you’ll have many questions when researching certain brands. So, below are several FAQs related to De Marchi review.

Is De Marchi a good brand?

De Marchi is a good brand to find chouses of jerseys and other cycling products at amazing quality.

Who owns De Marchi?

The company is owned and founded by Emilio De Marchi.


By now, you can scour a selection of premium cycling apparel and accessories. In our review of De Marchi, we found that it uses only high-quality materials and designs to ensure optimal cycling performance.

So we totally recommend this brand as one of the best Italian cycling clothing brands. Scour De Marchi now to upgrade your cycling performance and steal every eye on what you wear!

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