Rawlings Reviews

Rawlings is the first brand that comes to mind regarding baseball and softball. It’s a company that offers sporting goods focused on baseball and softball. Furthermore, it covers many sports needs, from clothing to uniforms.

Rawlings Reviews
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This brand doesn’t become a legend from a night. Instead, it has been in the industry since 1887 to build a solid customer base. Further, it was founded by George Rawlings and Alfred Rawlings, with Michael Zlaket as the CEO.

Starting from its brand hometown in St. Louis, Missouri, the brand remains huge in the industry. Now, you can spot many top players using its equipment on the ground. It includes Mike Trout, Ronald Acuna Jr, Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, and more.

It also gathers baseball and softball enthusiasts on social media, with 629K followers on Instagram and 235K on Facebook. But, is its sport goods as good as its fame? So, stay in our Rawlings review to learn all the brand information. Let’s uncover the truth!

Why Rawlings Company?

With decades of experience in the industry, this brand absolutely has deep-rooted insight into making the best baseball equipment. Each product also has flawless craftsmanship and good performance that’s patented.

This brand is not only about the outstanding product collection and quality but also the customer service. For example, it provides up to 3 years warranty, 30 days return policy, and free shipping.

What's On Rawlings Baseball

Each player has a different game style. Thus, each player also needs tailored equipment to support their game style. Rawlings brings exclusive baseball and softball equipment in various features and designs.

This allows the players to use the ideal gear for their best performance. Furthermore, it’s customizable with unmatched craftsmanship. The brand also has a wide collection of products, from batting to sunglasses.

Product Collections

Custom Gloves Bats
Balls Protective Bags
Apparel Batting Gloves Accessories

If you click each collection, you may find a great range of gear types. For example, find legendary products among professionals like REV1X Glove and R2G Gloves. But how about the product’s quality? Let’s break it down in the Rawlings review!

Rawlings Mach Ai USSSA Review

2024 Rawlings Mach Ai USSSA Baseball Bat

The 2024 Rawlings Mach AI USSSA Baseball Bat quickly took over the players’ attention after its launch. One of the main reasons is the groundbreaking AI-powered supercomputer for optimized barrel design.

Rawlings Mach Ai USSSA Review
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Additionally, each quarter inch of the barrel wall comes with the exact specs. It offers an ideal optimized pop, swing weight, and sweet spot size. As a result, the batter can enjoy a perfect feel on their hand and a superb hitting zone.

The Red Alloy+ material also boosts the durability of the unmistakable zone. Even better, the carbon composite end bears more mass in the sweet spot without compromising the swing speed. The Mach AI Bat, combined with the game-changing AI technology, will boost unprecedented performance.

Mach AI 2024 Bat Details

  • Balance: Pure Velocity Performance
  • Drop: -10, -8, -5
  • Length: 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 inches
  • Level: Senior League

Aside from that, we dearly love the beautiful design and coloring. Every supporter will turn their eyes to your stunning bat. Thus, get this breakthrough with a finely tuned performance at $279.95. Hit all the ball with your most comfortable swing!

Rawlings Clout AI Reviews

Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat

Looking for other AI-powered bats for students? The Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat can be an alternative for college or high school players. Like Mach AI, this AI tech allows it to have an optimized responsiveness, feel, and swing weight to maximize the exit velocity.

Rawlings Clout AI Reviews
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Using the Red Alloy+ material also ensures the durability to last all season long. Besides, this construction gives hitters consistency and power to hit any ball. Even the power hitters will delighted with the mid-weight feel. Be ready for jaw-dropping moonshots.

Moreover, the optimized stiffness in the handle can boost the perfect rhythm in every swing. Also, the RevGrip will provide you with the most comfortable grip. It is the ideal bat to learn how to make an epic home run.

Clout AI Bat Details

  • Balance: Optimized Speed Performance
  • Drop: -3
  • Length: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 inches
  • Level: College/High School

Additionally, it’ll released in 2024. So, you’ll use the most upgraded bat to upgrade your batting skill. Hence, swing this BBCOR-certified bat with an elegant light blue color at $249.95!

Rawlings ICON USSSA Review

2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA Baseball Bat

The 2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA Baseball Bat took the game by storm due to the In/Tense directional carbon composite. It can deliver lower compression along the barrel without a break-in required.

Rawlings ICON USSSA Review
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rawlings.com https://rawlings.com

This breakthrough also provides more power consistently thanks to the smooth feels and full barrel control. Even better, the Tuned Balance swing weight is highly adaptable to any hitter style. Enjoy a comfortable and confident hit to any pitch.

Furthermore, the Icon bat features the Zero-Loss technology that prevents power loss during a two-piece connection joint. It also can prevent sting on mishits and provide optimal flex.

Icon USSSA 2024 Bat Details

  • Balance: Tuned Balance Performance
  • Drop: -10, -8, -5
  • Length: 27, 28, 30, 31, 32 inches
  • Level: College/High School

This bat has a flexible handle and increased swing speed for better performance. What’s more, the stunning white-and-gold color design also looks so elegant in the field and rack. So, get this elegant bat with super performance at $349.95!

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Glove Reviews

Heart Of The Hide R2G 12.75-inch Outfield Glove

Looking for a glove to play on the outfield? The Rawlings Heart Of The Hide R2G 12.75-inch Outfield Glove is a great option. Coming in a blackout color pattern suits those who prefer simple design. Add custom engraving to make it more personal.

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Glove Reviews
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rawlings.com https://rawlings.com

Additionally, the sleek profile with lightweight H-web is highly comfortable to catch the ball. It also features a thermoformed wrist lining, padded thumb sleeve, shell palm leather lining, and a redesigned heel pad. Feel free to put it in your hand and prey on the ball. Don’t settle for the ball hit the ground.

The Heart Of The Hide Outfield Glove is made of ultra-premium leather. This leather offers a pro-level glove performance that can last for years. It’s truly the best investment for the enormous amount of games.

Heart Of The Hide Baseball Gloves Details

  • Hand: Right, Left
  • Fit: Standard
  • Player Break-In: 35
  • Level: Pro/College, High School, 14U, 12U

FYI, this brand also has custom gloves to make the glove look more unique. The perfect idea to custom the glove for the gift. Thus, buy this outfield glove with a premium feel at $299.95!

Rawlings Price

How Much Does It Cost?

The current product collection on the site ranges from $1.19 to $700. This pricing is quite vary due to the myriad products assortment from bat to baseball apparel. Here are the further details of the price range in each collection:

Pricing List

Gloves $19.95-$700
Bats $14.99-$499.95
Balls $4.16-$449.95
Protective $6.95-$399.95
Bags $14.95-$219.95
Apparel $9.95-$89.95
Batting Gloves $14.95-$59.95
Accessories $1.19-$9,500

Looking for discounts and offers? It’s a must activity for smart buyers. So, we’ve jotted down all the current perks to help save your budget.

  • Free shipping on most items
  • Up to 50% off on select apparel
  • Collect more points on the Rewards Program
  • Find all the current sales on the Clearance page
  • Sign up for an email to obtain a 20% discount code and perks updates

Rawlings Customer Testimonials

What Do Customers Think?

As one of the oldest sporting goods brands in the industry, this brand has a solid customer base. As a result, it gains huge numbers of testimonials from customers and experts. Below are some of the best-selling ratings and review numbers:

The opinion from customers and experts has a mostly positive opinion about the brand. But what exactly are the customers’ positive and negative opinions? Here’s one of the Rawlings reviews:

It was a remarkably solid bat. It had a lot of pop, and it was extremely sturdy. The barrel size is also huge, with a lot of spring. You do not have to swing hard. Simply put the ball on the barrel…

Aside from that, we also browse for negative opinions. Get to know the customer complaint below:

I began testing this Mach AI bat a few months ago. It took an adjustment period for the weight distribution. However, once I grabbed it, I was rocking the ball. Further, the grip was too thin, so I upgraded with lizard skin. It is much smoother on my hands. The distance the bat hits the ball is awesome. Good pop.

Nearly all the users have no issues with the products. They performed well if they chose the right product based on their play style. Furthermore, the equipment is durable with great features. In contrast, there are only small negative opinions, like lack of comfort grip on Mach AI.

Is Rawlings Worth It?

With products that are well-known among professional major league players, Rawlings is undoubtedly worth it. Aside from that, the brands have vast collections with different designs and features. It covers baseball and softball products from kids to professionals.

Is Rawlings Worth It?
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facebook.com/rawlings https://facebook.com/rawlings

Additionally, we love how the brand sees only quality material, premium craftsmanship, and legendary performance. Also, the customization option allows you to make the items like the only one. Thus, it’s not only about looks but also unmatched quality and performance.

Rawlings Pros And Cons

Here, you may be flooded with information about the brand. Thus, to make it easier to grasp the bright and dark side of the brand, we’ve compiled the pros and cons. Below is the list:


  • Made of premium leather and alloy
  • Available for custom product
  • Stunning design and look
  • Good performance
  • Lightweight with great comfort
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • 3 years warranty
  • Good expert and customer testimonials


  •  The grip is too thin for some.

Rawlings Customer Service

How To Contact

The customer service team will be available via email, chat, or call from Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm ET. Thus, feel free to reach their hand using the contact information below:

  • Email Address: service@rawlings.com
  • Phone Number: 1-866-678-4327
  • Live Chat: Lower right bubble
  • Social Media: @rawlings

Headquarters Address

510 Maryville University Dr. Suite 110
Saint Louis, MO 63141
United States

Where To Buy Rawlings

Ready to update your baseball equipment like what professional players use? The www.rawlings.com is the best site to get all of those gears. Besides, it’s also purchaseable on Amazon, Walmart, and physical stores within the US.


Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, when you are reading our Rawlings review can raise some questions. Thus, we have gathered Q&A that people also asked below.

Is Rawlings owned by MLB?

The company is acquired by SEP (Seidler Equity Partners) and MLB Properties from Newell Brands.

What does Rawlings do?

Rawlings is an exclusive supplier of baseball to the Major Leagues. It also has other products, from baseball bats to softball gloves.

Is Rawlings Legit?

Rawlings is legit, with decades of experience and an A+ BBB rating.


Our Rawlings review concludes that this brand is a top choice if you want to use reliable equipment like professional. With good performance and top quality, its products will improve your performance.

Absolutely, the great quality is unquestionable with a vast collection. Finding products that suit your playing style would be easier. So, explore Rawlings for a better play on the ground!

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