About Stitch Golf Holdings Inc

The history of Stitch Golf Holdings Inc started from the coach and student relationship of Brad King and Charlie Burgawyn. Charlie, with an eye for style, wasn’t satisfied with his golf gear and apparel.

About Stitch Golf Holdings Inc
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In 2012, Charlie established this brand in Cary, New York City. He initiated making headcovers with racing stripes that make them look enchanting. Then in 2018, Brad and Charlie’s relationship became business partners, with Brad becoming the CEO.

This partnership allows them to widen the golf-related product collection from apparel to golf bags. Since then, the company has grown significantly with the mission to make people dress their game and arrive in style.

With an iconic golf gear and apparel collection, it draws history by being featured in Golfweek, USA Today, and Forbes. Moreover, having over 93K followers on Instagram and 21K on Facebook shows how it successfully grabs the golf enthusiast’s interest.

Wait, but what makes this brand so happening? To find the answer keep reading our Stitch Golf review. You’ll find all the necessary information here, from product reviews to current offers!

Why Stitch Golf?

If you are tired of unsightly golf gear and apparel, then we think it’s a great reason to try Stitch Golf. This brand is pretty well-known among golf enthusiasts due to its exquisite design that looks sporty and versatile. So, you can keep in style while doing what you like.

Not only the timeless and beautiful design but the quality material is also worth mentioning. All orders are made of premium material and have excellent construction. So all products will be equipped with features that allow you to have a better experience while golfing,

On top of that, the brand often offers sale that allows you to get the best price. Not to mention the excellent customer service and 30 days return policy. This company truly provides everything you need, from quality, stylish, durable, and stylish products to top-notch service.  

What's On Stitch Golf

Stitch Golf is a brand that focuses on offering golf gear and wear. All products are made with premium leather and fabric with ultimate comfort for golfing or any other activity.

Besides, the products are designed with style, so you’ll be an eyecatcher during the game. Here are the products collection that are currently available on the official website:

After knowing what they offered, it’s time to see deeper about the product’s quality and other details. As such, let’s break down some of its best-selling items in the following Stitch Golf review section!

Stitch Golf Bag Review

SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag

The Stitch Golf SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag is designed using Stitch touring fabric. This fabric is a super strong leather that’s durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. So no wonder why it has become the best-selling item.

Stitch Golf Bag Review
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This golf bag is interchangeable with single and double straps with a convenient stand. Moreover, this versatile bag is exceptionally lightweight, only 4 lbs making it easy to carry.

In addition, it has a complete compartment with a golf ball pocket, a pocket lined for valuables and beverages, and one full-length apparel pocket. Meanwhile, the 4-way top divider with a lift-assist handle provides an effortless course experience.

The golf bag has various colors, from striking red to unique fadeaway camo. For the price, it’s currently on sale at $398. So with a stylish look, quality material, two-shoulder system, and optimal storage, the SL2 is the best item for your golfing day!

Stitch Golf Travel Bag Review

Ultimate Garment Bag

Planning to golf after work? Then you need a versatile bag to gather all your needs. The Stitch Golf Ultimate Garment Bag is a travel bag that simplifies your packing and transport of clothes.

Stitch Golf Travel Bag Review
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The UGB is two in one duffle bag that can convert from a duffle to a garment bag using one zipper. Made from touring fabric, it has the strength of leather but is more lightweight and durable. Plus, to ensure safety, it’s water and stain resistant.

In addition, it has a spacious design that allows you to store two garments, shoes, and other travel essentials. So not only perfect for storing your golfing needs but also the best companion for a business trip to the weekend gateway.

This carry bag offers all you need for travel—the easy packing and unpacking hanger hook, elastic pocket, webbed handles, etc. For $328, you can choose the black, moonlight, navy, and light grey bag. So, enjoy the convenience of packing for your travel with this UBG!

Stitch Golf Headcovers Reviews

Monte Carlo Leather Head Cover

Headcover is the beginning of this brand, so it’s a must to review its headcover collection. The Stitch Golf Monte Carlo Leather Head Cover has a classic, timeless design that works for everyone.

Stitch Golf Headcovers Reviews
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As you can see, the design is simple but absolutely never out of style and somehow looks modern. It’s hand-crafted from 100% leather making it so elegant. Plus, the material allows it to be water and stain resistant to keep your clubs untouched.

This leather headcover is also engineered to fit all modern clubs, ensuring it stays on them. But it’s also available in sizes 1, 3, X, H, and DMD. So, choose depending on your clubs.

The thing that we like about this is the hand-painted edge coating. Available in black, red, light blue, navy, and white. Thus, provide optimal protection to your club while still making it look stylish at $78!

Stitch Golf Shirt Review

Atlantic Stripe Polo Shirts

The Stitch Golf Atlantic Stripe Polo shirts are ideal for any place and time. You can freely use this comfortable shirt for a course, work, or barbeque. Simply pair it with casual khakis or linen shorts.

Stitch Golf Shirt Review
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stitchgolf.com https://stitchgolf.com

It’s made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex jersey that is highly comfortable for any occasion. This material is also breathable and features moisture-wick, antimicrobial, and UPF 50.

The shirts have signature collars and under-buttons that look great and crisp. Besides, it’s made to move with the perfect fit that takes you from work to play. It features signature stripes with various stunning color options, from natural Aqua Haze to striking pink.

Hence, stay comfortable and stylish for any activity with this versatile polo at $98. FYI, some color options are currently on sale, so from $98, grab it for only $68.60!

Stitch Golf Pants Review

Sterling 5 Pocket Pant

Since you already know the top, it’s time to see the bottom. The Stitch Golf Sterling 5 Pocket Pant is a go-to pant with a storming finish. So it would be the ideal choice for any weather and face any accidental spills.

Stitch Golf Pants Review
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Likewise, it has water-repellant features, yet the fabric is breathable to keep you cool. It’s also soft to the touch, stretchy, and has high mobility. The perfect pants from the meeting room to the fairway.

For the fit, it has a standard fit for the thighs. Meanwhile, the calf and leg opening provides more room than a classic tailored fit. So, it won’t be too slim or loose but a perfect fit with the right amount of stretch for enhanced mobility.

The five-pocket pants have 30 and 32-inseam options with a size range of 30-42. So choose your favorite color in Birch, Khaki, or Forged Gray for $128. Enjoy a perfect fit and stain-free pants on any occasion!

Stitch Golf Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Stitch Golf offers premium quality products, so we can’t say the price is low. However, with the top-notch quality, it’s worth it. Below is the price range of its product collection.

  • Golf Bags: $248-$648
  • Golf Gear: $24-$648
  • Apparel: $36-$495
  • Travel Bags: $68.60-$498

Luckily, this brand often offers perks that allow you to save some dollars. Here are some savings that are currently available on its website:

  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • Discover all products at a discount on Sale Page
  • Join the newsletter to get a 15% off discount code on orders $150+

Stitch Golf Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Thanks to its long existence in the industry, this brand has gathered thousands of customer reviews. Indicating that we can find both strengths and flaws in the customer experience. Before that, consider the best-selling rating data below:

Stitch Golf Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/StitchGolf
facebook.com/StitchGolf https://facebook.com/StitchGolf
  • SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag: 5/5 star rating from 658 reviews
  • MIY SL1 Golf Bag: 4.9/5 star rating based on 510 total reviews
  • Ultimate Garment Bag: 5/5 average star rating based on 281 reviews

Impressively, this brand obtains nearly perfect ratings from the customer. But what about the customer experience? Let’s see from one of the shoe bag testimonials below:

Lovely quality and a good-sized shoe bag. Got them as a Christmas gift for a couple of clients, and they were well appreciated. The personalization was a nice added touch and worth spending the extra $.

Aside from the dominating positive reviews, we also thoroughly check the review to find any complaints. So here’s one negative opinion in the Stitch Golf SL2 review:

… The bag has plenty of storage for the essentials and is still very lightweight. The only minor issue when walking was that the bag slid on carpets, cement, etc. Putting it down out of the car or in the house puts your legs way off the bottom of the bag…

Almost all the reviews are positive about the product’s quality, material, design, and pricing. There are only small matters about how the bags tend to slide. Overall, all customer’s experiences are positive.

Is Stitch Golf Worth It?

From product quality to customer testimonials, Stitch Golf is worth purchasing. The premium golf apparel, gear, and bag are exceptionally well made and high quality. So the products will provide absolute comfort with features packed design for your golfing and any occasion needs.

Some may think that the price is steep, but it reflects what it offers. In a nutshell, the timeless and stylish design, well-made construction, and quality material make this absolutely one of the best options!

Stitch Golf Pros And Cons

Our Stitch Golf review is pretty long. So, to make it easier for you to get the point of this brand, check the pros and cons below:


  • Quality material
  • Timeless and stylish design
  • Perfect fit and high mobility
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Personalizable bag
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Extremely positive reviews


  • High pricing.

Stitch Golf Returns

Stitch Golf offers a 30-day return policy on all stock items to ensure customer satisfaction. However, this return is ineligible for sale items. Furthermore, the item should be in a new and resealable condition with authentic proof of purchase.

If your item meets all the conditions, email customer service to obtain the return authorization number. Then, you can start the return delivery to receive a refund. Remember that the return shipping fee is entirely the customer’s responsibility.

Stitch Golf Customer Service

How To Contact

Its dedicated customer service is ready to help or answer your inquiries that will respond within 24-48 hours. So reach them via:

Company Address

1021 Classic Rd
Apex, NC 27539
United States

Where To Buy

It’s time to elevate your game with timeless golf gear and apparel! The best place to purchase all its exclusive golf collections is from the official store at stitchgolf.com and several retail stores. FYI, you can enjoy the best price, authentic products, and risk-free purchases by purchasing from its website!


Frequently Asked Questions

While reading this article, you may have some question arises. So, we’ve compiled the FAQs related to the Stitch Golf review in the following section.

Where is Stitch Golf based?

The company location is based in Cary, New York City.

Who owns Stitch Golf?

This golf gear brand is owned by Charlie Burgawyn.


To summarize our Stitch Golf review, this brand is excellent for finding premium golf bags and apparel. This brand combines premium fabrics and versatile designs to give you the ultimate go-to item for any occasion.

This brand also has a wide selection of products, from golf carts and travel bags to polos and belts. So, explore Stitch Golf to always head on the game and be stylish anywhere!

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