Lacrosse Monkey Reviews

Lacrosse Monkey is a retail store focusing on equipment for lacrosse sports. It’s under MonkeySports, Inc., founded by John Naaman in 1999. Other brands under its flagship are Hockey Monkey, Goalie Monkey, Baseball Monkey, and more.

Lacrosse Monkey Reviews
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Basically, the company has various branches with different main focus sports. Regardless, the site is only focused on the lacrosse sports gear. So, it’s like a one-stop store to find all the products for your performance.

This company is a big brand with multiple stores in the US. Also, the website is available for US, CA, and EU international customers. Further, the company keeps striving, with over 13K followers on Facebook and 43.7K on Instagram.

This company seems legit at a glance at its site and social media. But to make a smart purchase, we must look closely at this sports company. So. our Lacrosse Monkey review will help you do the research. Keep reading!

Why Lacrosse Monkey Store?

With many options for lacrosse equipment in the industry, Lacrosse Monkey has chosen the best one for you. Its website and offline stores cover many products for decent brands only.

The company also ensures the highest quality and reasonable price with the best price guarantee. Furthermore, your satisfaction with customer service will be guaranteed with free shipping, up to 1-year warranty, and 1-year return policy.

What's On Lacrosse Monkey

The Lacrosse Monkey is the best place to find your lacrosse needs. It covers equipment, apparel, and accessories. Even better, it has a comprehensive collection for men, women, and young players.

Additionally, find various remarkable brands like Warrior, STX, Stringking, Cascade, Temper, Maverik, and more. It’s a great place to find all the best brands and products. Here’s the lacrosse gear collection on the website:

Lacrosse Equipment Collections

Goalie Equipment Heads, Shafts, Gloves, Complete Sticks, Chest Protection, Pants, Shin Protection, etc
Bags Equipment Bags, Backpacks, Stick Bags, Ball Bags, etc
Footwear Cleats, Training Shoes, Turf Shoes, Sandals, Socks, etc
Apparel Uniforms, Pinnies, Practice Jerseys, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Shirts, Shorts, Pants, etc
Accessories Mini Sticks, Balls, Nets, Backstops, Goals, Field Marking, Targets, Mesh, Stringing Kits, etc

From our list above, can you determine this store’s quality? Probably not right. Thus, our Lacrosse Monkey review will provide more details on some of its best-selling items.

Lacrosse Monkey Stick Reviews

StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick

Looking for a stick to boost your performance? Lacrosse Monkey is the best place to find lacrosse sticks from all the best brands. One of the most recommended products is the StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick.

Lacrosse Monkey Stick Reviews
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This stick is designed with a versatile head and quality alloy shaft for consistent performance. It also features the 3s mesh mid pocket with superb durability. Meanwhile, the A Series family model and legend intermediate head make it great for anyone.

Furthermore, it has four versions for various needs. Choose the ideal stick based on your position, age, and playing style. Also, this stick is available in white and black options.

Lacrosse Stick Details

  • Weight: 135 gr
  • Model: A Series
  • Color: Black and White

Aside from the StringKing stick, you can also find other premium sticks from STX, Warrior, Maverik, and more. Feel free to get to know your favorite that suits your play style for the best performance. Thus, upgrade your play with a high-end performance stick at $129.99!

Lacrosse Monkey Cleats Reviews

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse Monkey offers various notable cleats to help you comfortably play. It covers men’s and women’s cleats from brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Warrior. There are numerous options available for you to choose from.

Lacrosse Monkey Cleats Reviews
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But our best recommendation is the Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Lacrosse Cleats. These quality cleats are designed for players on the field every day. Thanks to the durable toe box design, it also can deliver a good performance all season long.

We also like the ultra-flexible TPU plate that can provide a natural feel. Feel free to go the distance when pounding out miles in the field. Aside from that, it also features the Nike React technology. It’s lightweight, durable foam for a smooth and responsive ride.¬†

Lacrosse Cleats Details

  • Size: 3.5-14
  • Model: Huarache
  • Color: Black, Sail, Blue, and more

The X-fit system at the back of the heel offers a locked-in feel. Experience the high-profile design for a robust, supportive feel around the ankle. So, choose your size now for all-day comfortable play at $129.99!

Lacrosse Monkey Price

How Much Does It Cost?

The price range varies due to the expansive product collections. However, you don’t have to worry about its pricing since the brand aims to provide the most reasonable price. It’s the price of the two products reviewed above:


StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick $129.99
Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Lacrosse Cleats $129.99

You can visit its site to learn further information about the price of each product. FYI, this brand also has great perks to help you save more.

Lacrosse Monkey For Sale and Promo Code

  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Join the team today and take 15% off a single clearance item
  • Enjoy up to 58% off flash sale on the Quick Stick Specials
  • Find all products at the lowest price on the Clearance Sale page
  • Earn up to 7% in rebound rewards by joining as a member
  • Get all products at the lowest cost with the Best Price Guarantee
  • Subscribe to the newsletter for 10% off promo code and future perks updates.

Lacrosse Monkey Return Policy

Shockingly, Lacrosse Monkey offers a 1-year return policy for new or unused items. You can use these returns to ask for a refund or store credits. However, there are some exceptions, like Mouthguards and Undergarments.

Then, you can reach customer service to initiate the Return Authorization Number. Follow the instructions and discuss your problem to process the return to the next step. After the return shipping and processing are done, you’ll receive the refund.

Lacrosse Monkey Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

You may be already delighted, from product quality to pricing information. But you shouldn’t simply judge this brand for only those aspects. We must consider the customer’s reviews to see any strengths and drawbacks.

Lacrosse Monkey Customer Review
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Fortunately, the company has a good number of customer testimonials. For example, the company has a 9.2/10 average rating from 2,413 testimonials in Bizrate Surveys. Further, check the rating and review of best-selling items:

Now, it’s time to see what the customer’s opinion is. Here’s one of the lacrosse stick reviews on the site:

…I recommend it for its lightweight versatility and overall value. No break-in was required as the soft pocket and setup felt wonderful and helped him improve his confidence in running and shooting from day one. You will not be disappointed.

Aside from the positive reviews, we meticulously find any negative feedback. So below is the only complaint we found:

I bought this glove because I am a huge fan of Maverick equipment. I utilized it for a season until the glove broke on my hand during a game. It’s super comfy, protective, and lightweight, but the durability is lacking. Overall, it was a decent glove.

Considering the information, nearly all the buyers stated reasonable pricing, quality, and service. They have no issues with the product quality and shipping. On the other hand, the only complaints we found are only small matters about the gear’s durability.

Is Lacrosse Monkey Worth It?

No doubt, Lacrosse Monkey is worth it. This company can be the ideal option to find equipment and accessories with the best deals. Also, most customers are satisfied with the pricing due to the best price guarantee.

Is Lacrosse Monkey Worth It?
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You can find various quality products from remarkable brands like Maverick and STX there. The service has no issues, from excellent customer service to prompt shipping. Overall, this sports gear and garments retailer is highly notable.

Lacrosse Monkey Pros And Cons

Welcome to the core of our review. Here you should make up your mind. So, inspect all the compiled pros and cons to make a wise decision:


  • Fantastic arrays of product selections
  • Multiple remarkable brands
  • Quality products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Best price guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • 1-year return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Oustanding customers service


  • The site purchase can’t be returned to the retail store locations.

Lacrosse Monkey Customer Service

How To Contact

After reading our review, you may still have questions about this brand. So contact them using the information below during business hours of Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm CT

  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 1-800-225-7603 (US Toll-Free)/1-214-383-8893 (International)
  • Live Chat: Red bubble in lower right
  • Social Media: @lacrossemonkey

Headquarters Address

105 W Bethany Drive
Allen, Texas
United States

Where To Buy Lacrosse Monkey

The best place to find lacrosse gear to upgrade your play is in the official store at Besides, its products are also available in Monkeysports Superstores in Allen, Derry, Farmingdale, Norwood, and other locations!


Frequently Asked Questions

As a smart buyer, you may have countless questions about the brand. So, here is our list of FAQs related to the Lacrosse Monkey review that most people questioned about.

Is Lacrosse Monkey legit?

The almost perfect rating from thousands of customers has proven this brand’s reliability. Furthermore, the MonkeySport also rated A+ on BBB. It also has an outstanding guarantee, safe payment, and a secure website. So, this company is absolutely legit.

How long does it take for Lacrosse Monkey to ship?

Every package can take differently to arrive depending on the order locations. However, it usually takes at least 2 business days.


Our Lacrosse Monkey review has gathered everything about this sports retail store. Considering all those details, we highly recommend this company to find quality lacrosse equipment and apparel.

It has only the best products available at the lowest price. It covers everything from complete sticks for beginners to gloves for professionals. Not to mention, you can find its stores easily across the US. So, upgrade your play with the ideal equipment in Lacrosse Monkey!

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