LaserMax Reviews

LaserMax is a legendary brand in manufacturing hardened and miniaturized laser systems since 1989. This company was co-founded by Susan Houde-Walter with headquarters in Ontario County, New York. Now, the company was owned by Crosman Corporation after the acquisition.

LaserMax Reviews
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Striving for a beyond ruggedness, it develops reliable products. It’s resulted in significant brand growth as the OEM supplier to Fortune 500 companies. This brand also become the best in the firearm industry thanks to its pride in the highest standard.

In addition, we found it indeed has dominated the laser industry with a comprehensive line of quality laser sights and tactical light. But where can we see its popularity? Well, we can clearly see from the 11.5K Instagram followers and 11K on Facebook.

However, does this number of followers mean something? It’s not the only determining factor indeed. So, our LaserMax review will bring you closer to the company products, testimonials, pricing, and even promos. Let’s go for it!

Why LaserMax Laser?

Being the top brand in the firearm industry makes it the main reason you can trust LaserMax. This brand offers a product with absolute accuracy and ruggedness with a comprehensive IP portfolio.

It carefully research and develop products to upgrade the build and performance of the item. So you can enjoy the professional-grade performance. Also, the product will ignore the operator’s safety for an ultimate unit.

How about customer service? We have no worries about it. The company has friendly and helpful experts to help you find the right item. Moreover, your satisfaction will spur on with free shipping, a 5-year warranty, and a 30-day return policy.

What's On LaserMax

Has been in the shooting industry for some period? Then, you may know that lasers and sighting solutions must be tailored based on the terrain and condition. LaserMax is the best go-to for reliable lasers and their accessories.

With a rugged and cutting-edge design, its product can work in exposure to harsh conditions. It includes extreme temperature, high acceleration, blowing sands, etc. Furthermore, its laser comes in various ranges of environments like weapon systems and space platforms.

Product Collections

Internal Lasers Beretta, Glock, Springfield, H&K, SIG, etc
Rail Mounted Lasers Spartan, UNI, Lightning, etc
Trigger Guard Lasers S&W Centerfire, Red Gripsense, Green Rugger Laser, etc
Optics Riflescope, Sunshade, Binoculars, Reflex Sights, etc
Parts Guiderod Parts, Spartan Parts, Centerfire Parts, etc
Accessories Battery Pack, Installation Tool, Pocket Holster, Micro Fiber Cloth, etc

As a shooting enthusiast or professional, you’ll love its comprehensive collections. It makes finding sighting products much easier to find and complete your shooting gear. Regardless, are they good? Let’s find out in the following section of LaserMax!

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Review

Green Guide Rod Laser For Glock 43X

Looking for a reliable laser for Glock 43, 43X, or 48? Take a look at this Green Guide Rod Laser For Glock 43/43X/48! This product is specifically designed to replace the Glock’s factory spring guide. You can get an upgraded experience with an intense green laser sighting system.

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Review
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We also love the ease of assembly—no need for any gunsmithing or special tools. Besides, the bright green 5mW of the aiming point is close to the bore. In snaps, have a better aim and target acquisition.

Set the programmable steady or pulsing beam suits to your preference for an easier spotting target. Meanwhile, the distinct ambidextrous on/off switch will enhance safety while you are on the move.

Guide Rod Laser Glock 43X Details

  • Weight: 0.6 OZ
  • Accuracy: Within 1.5 Inch POI@ 10 YDS
  • Wavelength: 520 NM
  • Battery Life: 1 Hour
  • Power Output: Class 3R

It uses premium raw materials for a rugged internal and external design for the construction. So, lock your target accurately with this LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Glock 43X at $329!

LaserMax Centerfire Review

Centerfire Green Laser with GripSense for P365/P365XL

The LaserMax Centerfire Green Laser With GripSense is the second recommended product in our review. Featuring the proprietary sensory technology, it has a detection zone if your finger contacts the pistol trigger guard.

LaserMax Centerfire Review
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Like other products, the ambidextrous sighting system has a simple mounting system for the firearm frames. With no permanent modifications, it would completely fit the SIG Sauer P365, P365 XL, and P365 SAS pistols.

Additionally, this laser has a compact and low-profile solution to trigger guard easily. On top of that, the programmable high-visibility pulsed or steady laser beam will enhance your keen eye.

Centerfire Green Laser with GripSense P365/P365XL Details

  • Weight: 1 OZ
  • Accuracy: User Adjustable
  • Wavelength: 520 NM
  • Battery Life: 1 Hour (Steady)/3 Hours (Pulsing)
  • Power Output: Class 3R

Even better, it also features an external battery access door, adjustable elevation and windage, and an ambidextrous tap on/off switch. Hence, equip your pistol with this sophisticated centerfire green laser at $201.99!

LaserMax Spartan Review

Red Spartan Light/Laser Combo

Here’s the best-selling LaserMax’s Spartan series, Red Spartan Light/Laser Combo. Designed with the ease of installation in mind, simply put it in the preferred rail location. Once anchored, get a maintained precision accuracy during the extensive live fire.

LaserMax Spartan Review
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The Spartan red laser features an impressive wavelength in the color spectrum. It delivers 120 lumens of white LED lights. Notice a vivid red light during the night and daytime.

Coming with the preservation mode ensures it’ll automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. So, the Spartan rail mounter laser offers great safeguarding against any unintentional AAA battery drain.

Spartan Red Laser and Light Details

  • Weight: 1.3 OZ
  • Accuracy: User Adjustable
  • Wavelength: 650 NM
  • Battery Life: 4+ Hours
  • Power Output: Class 3R

No matter whether you’re a left or right-handed shooter, the dual electronic touch pads serve your needs. So, improve your aim and sight with a bright Spartan light and laser at $140.99!

LaserMax Battery Replacement Reviews

Battery Pack

Run out of battery? Calm down because you can get it easily from its official store. LaserMax Parts has a great collection of item replacements, including the most needed battery.

LaserMax Battery Replacement Reviews
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To optimize the laser performance, you should install a fresh battery set at least once a year. This pack is an LMS-3X393 Silver Oxide battery that is highly reliable, robust, and lightweight. It won’t add much weight to your firearms.

It’ll operate flawlessly in any terrain with a wide range of temperatures. No more burn or overheat battery. Furthermore, this battery pack is sleeved for quick and trouble-free installation. Change the battery in a flash.

In case you aren’t sure about the compatibility. Check the operator manual or compatibility chart for the proper battery selection. Thus, refresh the power of your laser with this battery pack at $19.99!

LaserMax Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Want to estimate the pricing? Fortunately, the company has fixed pricing for all products on its website. Currently, the price ranges from $0.99 to $369. The cheapest item is the Clumping Nut, and the Green SIG Sauer Guide Rod Laser is the highest.

In helping you make the best purchase, you should also need to hunt for perks. So, we’ll make it easy for you. All budget-conscious customers should check the savings list below:

  • Free delivery for all orders over $49
  • Special offers for military and law enforcement member
  • Join the newsletter for a 10% off discount code and perks alerts.

LaserMax Laser Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As a legendary brand in the laser and sights aid for the firearms industry, it has high customer ratings. For instance, it obtained a 4/5 average rating based on 100 testimonials on Facebook. Here’s the rating and review data of the site’s best-selling item:

LaserMax Laser Reviews
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The rating data listed above are highly impressive due to the high number. However, we need to consider the customer opinions, both positive and negative. Below is an LCP LaserMax review from a customer:

It’s a high-quality product precisely made to fit the gun perfectly… It was easy to install and easy to see… it’s a significant upgrade to shoot this small pocket pistol with good accuracy to make it a great carry gun.

We’ve chosen one negative opinion to compare with the positive review above. So here is one complaint among favorable LaserMax reviews:

Do not get me wrong. This is a great laser without buying a new holster or having a big bulky mass on the front of your gun. However, the cost for some can be a game changer.

Scaling all the reviews we’ve read, most of them state about the perfect usage and easy installation. It is also highly lightweight and compact. Meanwhile, the minority complaint is only about the high pricing. But that’s what you should pay for quality.

Is LaserMax Worth It?

Since we’ve listed all the vital points about the brand, it’s time to consider them all. If you are looking for a laser with the best quality and reliability, LaserMax is highly worth it indeed.

With the robust construction, compact design, lightweight, and easy installation, there is no better option out there. The pricing can be slightly high for some. But, it’s worth the value it carried. Overall, it performs flawlessly to bring your game ahead.

LaserMax Pros and Cons

From our statement above, are you on the same page as us? It’s better to make your own decision with a clear mind. So, we’ve listed the pros and cons below as consideration factors:


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Innovative and durable build
  • High accuracy and good illumination
  • Easy installation
  • Featuring proprietary technology
  • Free shipping
  • 5-year warranty
  • 30-days return policy
  • Bright customers reviews


  • High pricing.

LaserMax Customer Service

How To Contact

One thing you should know is that LaserMax commits to uncompromising customer care. So if you have any questions, reach its representative at 9 AM–4:30 PM EST Monday–Friday via:

Headquarters Address

7629 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Where To Buy LaserMax

It’s time to be at the head of the game. So, complete your battle gear by buying it officially via the online store at and dealers. Furthermore, you can also browse its products on Amazon and other online shopping platforms!


Frequently Asked Questions

To satisfy your curiosity about the brand, we have compiled this special section. Check the FAQs related to the LaserMax review below.

Are LaserMax lasers good?

Its laser collection is impressive and works perfectly with the gun.

Where are LaserMax lasers made?

Mostly, its laser and gun collection are made in the USA.

How long do LaserMax batteries last?

The battery replacement can last up to 5 years.

Why is my LaserMax blinking?

If the laser beam is blinking, it indicates a low battery level.

Is LaserMax still in business?

Yes, the company is still in business after being acquired by Crosman Corporation.

Is LaserMax Legit?

With a high rating above 4 stars and a long history in the industry, LaserMax is legit. Furthermore, its products have an accurate performance and compact design.


Laser and optics are a big deal investment for better target aiming. Our LaserMax review concludes that this brand is trustworthy for a reliable and quality laser. The products come with great illumination and superb build.

Offering a wide selection of lasers and optics ensures you can find a compatible one for your firearm. Ready to improve your targeting and aiming? Thus, get your best assistance with LaserMax!

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