EyeLine Golf Review

The story of EyeLine Golf was started by Sam Froggatte as the CEO. His deep passion for golf led him to work as a sales rep at IBM. Then, he and his son Grant started this company in beautiful Colorado in 2002.

EyeLine Golf Review
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Sam personally designed the first product that became their launch called the Putting Alignment System. Now their business which started in their garage, has grown significantly and become a globally renowned golf training equipment brand.

Deep-rooted by Sam’s passion for people and innovation with Grant’s vision for design and marketing, they make a high-value brand. Now, it has over 50 products, with 16 of the top 20 global players relying on their products.

The people’s enthusiasm for this brand is also shown, with over 49.5K followers on Instagram and 15K on Facebook. Regardless, can you boost your performance with its golf training aid? So, let’s dig for more information about this brand in our EyeLine Golf review!

Why EyeLine Golf?

The main reason why we are interested in EyeLine Golf is how it’s prevalent among professionals. Many top players around the globe use its training aid to improve their performance.

In addition, within decades of dedication, it has developed a robust innovation that can help. Besides, the products are innovated by top golf instructors by using the highest material.

When it comes to pricing, it is relatively affordable. Not to mention the noteworthy customer service with 60 days return policy, 1-year warranty, and free shipping.

What's On EyeLine Golf?

Looking for a golf training product? EyeLine Golf is the best stop. This is a top training aid company with a great collection of products that many professionals have used.

Partnering with top golf instructors, it has well-developed putting aids. Besides, it has other training items for targeting and training full swings. Generally, it has the best product collection for golfers to experience rapid improvement in their skills.

Golf Training Aids Collection

  • Putting: Putting rail, putting mirror, roll rail system, pendulum putting rod, etc
  • Full Swing: Checkpoint swing laser, speed trap, tee box alignment station, balance rod, etc
  • Targets: Target package, target circles, target hole 3-pack, premium short game targets, etc

We can’t list all of its products due to the expansive collection. But which product that worth consideration? Thus, we’ll review some products in the EyeLine Golf review below!

EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror Review

Groove Putting Mirror Special Edition

The EyeLine Golf Groove Putting Mirror Special Edition was born from more than 20 years of research. It’s designed to help alignment for targeting, eye alignment, putter alignment, and path. It’ll allow you to see the line when standing over the put.

EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror Review
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This Putting Mirror has added features for ultimate performance when helping you train your swing. For instance, the features like an impact gate, motion detector, and ball gate for better training drills.

Moreover, this Putting Mirror is straightforward to use. Lay the feet alignment rod slightly left of the target, parallel the shot line, and put the crosspiece on the rod. Next, place the second rod into the slot with the end pointing toward the ball. Start your practice to level up your skill.

In fact, we like this putting mirror because it is already used by 16 of the top 20 players in the world. Not to mention the attractive design and ease of carrying in your carry bag.

Besides, it also already includes 6 indoor putting posts. So, let’s start your practice with this attractive putting mirror at $59.95!

EyeLine Golf Checkpoint Swing Laser Review

Check Point Swing Laser

Looking for a practice to increase your swing accuracy? The Check Point Swing Laser is one of the greatest golf training aids to improve accuracy. Combining the laser and path stripe, practice your swing to see whether the dot is perfectly on the stripe.

EyeLine Golf Checkpoint Swing Laser Review
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No need to rush. Use the martial arts style and slow-motion training to elevate muscle memory. Moreover, this training will make the swing more efficient and powerful.

Overall the EyeLine Golf laser can improve accuracy and consistency. Instantly obtain visual feedback on the swing path for growing your wanted swing path and shot shape.

In addition, this Check Point Swing Laser is suitable for beginner or scratch players, whether for indoor or outdoor use. So, consistently start your practice for accurate aim at $124.95!

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Review

Speed Trap 2.0

Here it’s the best-selling golf training product, Speed Trap 2.0. This item aims to help you fix a lousy shot to hit longer and straighter. Furthermore, it works by guiding the player to swing, leading to good shots in 3 steps.

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Review
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The latest 2.0 version is upgraded with rod tethers made of the strongest base. The 4 tethers keep the rods attached, so you won’t need to chase the rod down the range. Plus, the product features various design upgrades.

The function of the rods is if you swing too sweepy or shallow, you’ll hit the board. So, the player will correct his swing posture to the proper position. Besides, the upgraded design makes it extremely easy to adjust the widths between rods. It would be usable for every club size in your golf bag.

We personally think that this item does its good job in training. It’ll help you swing in a better position since it’ll easily point out the issues in your swing. Thus, swing properly in the right posture with this speed trap at $99.95!

EyeLine Golf Impact Cube Review

Impact Bag

The EyeLine Golf Impact Bag is excellent for those who want to strengthen their swing. This product is designed for building powerful and efficient golf swing. Your club head will connect with the impact cube to magnify any disconnect in your swing.

EyeLine Golf Impact Cube Review
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Using ultra-durable ballistic nylon, it provided robust durability for extended usage. Besides, it features a variety of angles for enhanced visual and better feeling in the difference of leans and position.

Featuring 4 sides and 4 impact positions, this offers tremendous versatility. It has a wedge lean side, seven iron lean, a vertical Driver lean side, and even a round side. 

The impact cube was also filled with towels with 10 pounds of weight. What a perfect weight and softness level. Therefore, see the impact angles and learn the proper impact feel with this cube at $74.99!

EyeLine Golf Ball Of Steel Review

Ball Of Steel

It’s no secret that most sports use extra weight to increase their power. The Ball Of Steel is a ball that has 5 times the standard golf ball. Due to the weight, it can efficiently eliminate the decelerating stroke.

EyeLine Golf Ball Of Steel Review
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With a heavy ball, it has no popping stoke or even deceleration at influence. So, your muscle will remain in motion and gets used to the heavy ball. When turning to a standard ball, see the difference with a more solid stroke.

Making 2 feet of these healthy balls will make 5 foots using ordinary balls. It’s a very simple training with impressive benefits in your golfing.

Interests in trying this heavy ball for a solid stokes? Then you should purchase it at $14.95. Or, get 3 packs of Ball Of Steel at only $39.95!

EyeLine Golf Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

EyeLine Golf pricing varies depending on the products, from single to bundle purchases. Its golf item collections range from $9.95 to $429.80. The lowest-priced item is Practice T Alignment Rod System by Michael Breed, and the highest is Late-Night Training Package.

Collection Price Range

  • Putting: $9.95-$429.80
  • Full Swing: $ 9.95-$429.80
  • Targets: $14.95-$110

Impressively the highest price listed above is actually $299 in the current discount. Besides, this brand has several savings you can enjoy from the official website. Here’s the list:

  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Discover all products currently on discount on the Sale page
  • Join the email list to get exclusive discount codes and future perks notifications.

EyeLine Golf Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Having been in the industry for over 2 decades, this brand obtains decent customer feedback. To know the customer satisfaction level, consider the rating data of best-selling items below:

EyeLine Golf Reviews
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facebook.com/eyelinegolf https://facebook.com/eyelinegolf
  • Putting Alignment Mirror Small: 4.9/5 rating from 230 reviews
  • Speed Trap 2.0: 4.8/5 average rating based on 228 customer reviews
  • Impact Ball Liner 3-Pack By Hank Haney: 4.8/5 rating from 194 reviews

The rating data above is highly excellent, with a nearly perfect rating. It shows how almost all of the customers are satisfied. To get an insight what the customer’s opinions, let’s see the EyeLine Golf review from the customers. Here’s one of Pendulum Putting Rod’s reviews:

I discovered that the Pendulum Putting Rod is an excellent tool for relieving tension when I am practicing my putting stroke. It helped me keep my stroke smooth, in rhythm, and on the line. I was able to relax my grip, arms, and shoulders during the stroke and stay on track, creating a muscle memory of a relaxed and pure stroke on tempo…

Although the majority of testimonials are positive, we specifically choose one complaint. Below is one of Tee Box Alignment Station 2.0 reviews:

Thoroughly enjoyed using it for the first time. The setup is easy. This box allows for a lot of dots before moving it around. It is probably almost indestructible, but you can still scratch the paint if you hit it after it is too far forward in the box instead of just moving it.

Like the first review, people state how the product works for their training. They show improvement when using it for regular exercise. Aside from that, we found some reviews about scratchable paint.

Is EyeLine Golf Worth It?

EyeLine Golf manufactures reliable golf training aids innovative for golfer improvement. The items are very easy to use but can show effective improvement and build better fundamentals for the golf swing.

In addition, the training aids are highly helpful to be used in any range including course, chipping areas, putting areas of even bunkers. Overall, with simple usage, effective performance, and quality design, EyeLine Golf is worth trying.

EyeLine Golf Pros And Cons

So what do you think? Are you ready to check out the cart? Before that, you should carefully take into account these EyeLine Golf pros and cons:


  • Made of quality material
  • Effective to improve the performance
  • Easy to use for routine exercise
  • Highly functional and adjustable for golfing
  • Free shipping
  • 60 days return policy
  • 365 days warranty
  • Hundreds of positive reviews


  • The paint is easy to scratch.

EyeLine Golf Customer Service

How To Contact EyeLine Golf

If you have any issues or need more information about the brand, its customer service will be happy to hear from you. So contact them within the business hours of 8-5 MST Mon-Fri via:

Company Address

2990 W. 29th Street
Suite 7
Greeley, CO 80631

Where To Buy EyeLine Golf

Ready to complete your gear for better golfing performance? Then you should find what you need in its official store at eyelinegolf.com. Aside from the official store, this brand also offers its product collection on Amazon!


Frequently Asked Questions

When browsing for the EyeLine Golf review, most people usually asked for several related questions. So check the list below for additional information about the brand!

Who owns EyeLine Golf?

Sam Froggatte and his son Grant own this golf training equipment company.

Where is EyeLine Golf located?

This training aid company has headquarters located in Greeley, Colorado.


From all information attached to our EyeLine Golf review, you may already know how highly we recommend this brand. This company offers a worth-trying training aid for putting, targeting, or even full swing.

Additionally, the product is highly trusted among golfing enthusiasts who want to level up their game. Surprisingly, despite the ease of use, it’s very effective to strengthen the fundamentals. So are you ready to bring your skill to the next stage? Start your exercise with EyeLine Golf!

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