Guardian Baseball Reviews

Matt Kubancik and Zev Bernard are best friends with years of sports experience. They founded Guardian Baseball in 2017, and it became the largest supplier in the baseball and softball industry. 

Guardian Baseball Reviews
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Nowadays, the company is the fastest vendor on Amazon, with more than 50 teams. In 2020, this company was partially owned by former All-Star and 14-year MLB veteran Matt Joyce

This supplier works together with 25 brands to provide premium gear. They include Adidas, EASTON, New Balance, Nike, Rawlings, Oakley, Mizuno, Under Armour, etc. 

Furthermore, athletes who wear gear from this company are Jasmine Perezchica, Dylan Leach, Elijah Dukes, Trevor Amburgey, McGwire Holbrook, etc. You can also check the brand on Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, etc. 

Due to its popularity, this reputable company has more than 10.8K followers on Facebook and Instagram. So then, let’s read this Guardian Baseball review for the best gear recommendation now! 

Why Shop at Guardian Baseball?

I bet you find this company mesmerizing due to the support from skillful athletes. However, do you know what other strengths the brand has? If you want to know, read this section thoroughly! 

Why Shop at Guardian Baseball?
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Guardian Baseball Highlights 

  • High-quality gear for baseball and softball 
  • Supported by talented athletes across the US
  • Partially owned by former All-Star and 14-year MLB vet, Matt Joyce
  • Available on E-commerce, such as Amazon 
  • Additional 6-month warranty for registered bat 
  • Free shipping and return for warranty service 
  • Gives back to other people through charity, donation, and fundraising

What's On Guardian Baseball

You know that this company offers gear for all athletes of all ages. In addition, it has complete collections, allowing you to purchase your required one for the training of the scheduled game. 

What's On Guardian Baseball
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Today, you’ll find eight categories of gear you can buy from this place. Here they are. 

Bats Gloves
Protections Bags
Footwear Sunglasses
Apparel Accessories

However, this Guardian Baseball review will concentrate on these three:

Then, let’s look further at the three discussed products in the following section now! 

Guardian Baseball X Stinger BBCOR Baseball Bat Drop Reviews

Say hi to the first all-rounder collaboration from the brand with Stinger Sport, a BBCOR Baseball Bat Drop. The item is available in four sizes 31″, 32″, 33″, and 34″. 

Guardian Baseball X Stinger BBCOR Baseball Bat Drop Reviews
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Additionally, the weight is different from 28 to 31 oz. You can choose your preferred shades between Black/Grey, Neon/Volt, Red/White/Blue, or White/Red. 

You can have power and balance with this -3 drop of the bat. The brand eventually boasts a 2 5/8″ BBCOR maximum size to the perfect blend of control and pop. 

Moreover, the Power Loaded Barrel Technology from Stinger Sport can increase your skill gradually. So, hold the ergonomic handle, and you’ll be ready to play the blay and get a high score!


  • Available in four shades, sizes, and weights
  • -3 drop
  • 2 5/8″ BBCOR maximum score
  • Promotes smooth and powerful hit 

Then, if you want to buy the item, prepare a budget for around $269.99 and click the following link now! 

Guardian Baseball Blaze League Low-rubber Baseball Cleats Reviews

Are your children interested in playing baseball? Then, get them these Blaze League Low-rubber Baseball Cleats with pro-level comfort. 

Guardian Baseball Blaze League Low-rubber Baseball Cleats Reviews
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Additionally, it is perfect for boys and girls of various sizes. You can get them the breathable synthetic rubber upper design, starting from 1 Little Kid to 7 Big Kid. 

The cleats are available in seven shades: Black/White, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Royal, Black/Tiffany Mint, Black/Orange, and Black/Yellow. Furthermore, professional players design them intentionally. 

With cushioned and supportive insoles, your children may wear them comfortably to control fast stopping, starting, and cutting. Therefore, they can train or play in a big match and get standings ovations. 


  • Available in seven shades
  • Offers a variety of sizes for boys and girls
  • Designed with experts for pro-level cleats
  • Promotes comfortability and breathability 

So let’s check the cleats’ availability and purchase them for only $44.99 now!  

Guardian Baseball Diamond Ray Beams Shield Sunglasses Reviews

Sunny days may blind your eyes and break your concentration during the games. It is unbearable, but you can solve the problem with Diamond Ray Beams Shield Sunglasses

Guardian Baseball Diamond Ray Beams Shield Sunglasses Reviews
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It features premium UVA UVB eye protection with durable plastic frames. Additionally, the sunglass is available in three shades: Black/Red, Navy/Grey, and Grey/Clear Blue. 

Not only can you wear it all day during the game, but also it can give more focus on the field. Thus, you may win the game thanks to the former athletes who create this ergonomic design. 


  • Available in three shades
  • UVA and UVB eye protection
  • Durable plastic frames
  • Designed by former baseball athletes

Then, let’s shop for this item for only $12.99 now! 

Guardian Baseball Pricing

This company provides the best with premium quality. So if you are afraid of the high price, you no longer need to worry. 

Why? Because the price ranges from $9.99, a Softball Pants Fastpitch. Meanwhile, the highest comes from the Blocking Baseball Catcher Set, which costs $599.95. 

Suppose you find available coupon codes, don’t forget to apply them to get your preferred items at lower prices. So, let’s purchase them now! 

Guardian Baseball Pros and Cons

Welcome to the eighth discussion of the Guardian Baseball review. I will provide the brand’s pros and cons; find them in the list below!  

Guardian Baseball Pros

  • Premium baseball and softball gears
  • Eligible for kids to adults
  • Owned by former baseball players
  • Offers complete collection from bats to accessories
  • Ships to 50 countries domestically and internationally
  • Complimentary US shipping for orders over $49 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • 6-month warranty policy 

Guardian Baseball Cons

  • No free shipping for international orders 

Is Guardian Baseball Worth to Buy?

Finding the well-fitted gear for your interest is challenging. But say no more because this worth-it company, Guardian Baseball, offers premium products for athletes of all ages. 

Not to mention that the collection is complete, from the bats, cleats, and sunglasses, to apparel. Furthermore, you can register your bat to get a 6-month warranty

So you can support yourself or your children to train harder and prepare for playing magnificently in the match now! 

Guardian Baseball Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Before closing this Guardian Baseball review, I will summarize the testimonial to enhance customer satisfaction. Then take a look at the explanation in the following paragraph. 

Guardian Baseball Customer Reviews
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These are the ratings of the abovementioned gear:

What does the customer say? Here is a testimonial said:

A great bat for transition to BBCOR. It has reasonable price and good pop. Stinger continues to impress me without spending major bucks for a high-end bat.

This player finds the bat amazing due to the reasonable price and offers good pop. He knows that Stinger and Guardian Baseball combinations are sick and a must-have. 

Another one said:

These cleats are worth every penny! They are constructed wonderfully and fit greatly!

This customer stated that the cleats were worth buying. Furthermore, the items have fantastic construction and fit the feet well. 

The last one said:

… They’re so comfortable and work so well to shade the sun without distorting colors. The hard carry case is great. This is exactly what I’m looking for in sunglasses …

This athlete finds the sunglasses comfy and works excellently with no color distortion. Also, the case is excellent, allowing him to own the best gear for training and the game. 

Simply put, Guardian Baseball performs excellently designing pro-level gear for baseball and softball. Therefore, athletes are satisfied and in love with the product to increase their skills and obtain high scores. 

How to Contact Guardian Baseball

Suppose you want to ask for help, don’t doubt and rethink because the team will assist in these ways:

  • Pop up an email to
  • Draw a line on the blank Get in Touch form
  • Submit tickets on the official website 
  • Call customer service at (502) 200-1771
  • Send a messenger on Facebook at Guardian Baseball
  • Hit a direct message on Instagram at @guardianbaseball

Customer service will come back to you within 24 hours. Furthermore, you can visit the headquarter at the address below. 

Guardian Baseball LLC
3300 Ruckriegel Pkwy #104
Louisville, KY
40299 US

Where to Buy Guardian Baseball

Athletes and baseball fanatics can purchase the items through the official website and the nearest marketplace, such as Amazon. Luckily, the brand ships to more than 50 countries worldwide. 

You may enjoy free US standard shipping if you order more than $49. So, let’s get the offer by clicking the link below ASAP! 

Guardian Baseball Warranty Policy

Bat is one of the most equipment for baseball and softball. But what if you have an accident that eventually breaks down your gear?

Fortunately, this company offers an additional 6-month warranty for the purchased bat. Below I’ll tell you the terms and conditions to claim this policy. 

  • Customers must register the gear through customer service
  • The brand only covers damage due to natural use during the game 
  • Enjoy free shipping and return for this policy 

The team will cover your back whenever you want the reparation. However, please take care of yourself and your gear during the game so that it won’t hurt you and postpone your routine.  


Dig deeper on Guardian Baseball

You may have more questions concerning this sports company. So, keep reading to discover your question now. 

Who owns Guardian Baseball?

Matt Kubancik is the owner and co-founder of this company.  


Gear for athletes is essential because it can increase the skill to get a home run. Whatever your gender and how old you are does not affect the products from Guardian Baseball

This gear supplier has every item for athletes of all ages. Furthermore, you can get free shipping if you complete the minimum order. Then, are you ready to purchase the item? Let’s visit the website now! 

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