Stinger Bat Co. Reviews

Stinger Bat Co. was founded in 1992 and became a trusted manufacturer of baseball supplies. Brandon Eaton, the co-founder and Stinger Sports owner, now sits on the HR board. 

Stinger Bat Co. Reviews
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Are you curious about the products we sell? Hold on; we will inform you in detail. First, we are going to tell the consumers about the bats. We offer you many kinds of bats, such as BBCOR Bats, USSSA Bats, Pro Custom Wood Bats, and so on.

There are many kinds of gloves, too, such as Pro Stock Fielding Gloves and Premium Batting Gloves. Furthermore, customers can find cool sunglasses at Stinger Wood Bats. The whole thing is of high quality, so you can use it for a long time.

We also offer a variety of payment systems. You can pay for the items via Amex, Discover, Meta, GooglePay, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and so on. Moreover, we accept orders for goods from all over the world. If you want to get free shipping, you can just shop at our store for over $50.

You can find information on new items on our social media. There is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Thus, you can join the 27K followers on Facebook and 41.6K on Instagram to seek other information. 

In the Stinger Bat Co. review, we will dig deeper into the product and pricing explanations. If you’re curious, let’s move to the following section! 

Why Stinger Bat Co.?

There are many brands of baseball items around the world. Why do you have to choose Stinger Bat Co. LLC? That is a good question.

Why Stinger Bat Co.?
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Many brands of baseball gear offer items of average quality. But the Stinger Bat Company will give you good performance from the bat and gloves. You can choose BBCOR for professional sports.

In addition, there are many good reviews of BBCOR on many baseball websites. The brand accepts orders from all over the world. They will give customers free shipping when orders are over $50.

You know, $50 for a baseball item is easily surpassed. A bat from Stinger Bat Co. alone can afford to surpass $200 in price. So, therefore, you will get free shipping automatically for buying one baseball bat.

What's on Stinger Bat Co.

All kinds of items related to baseball can be found at Stinger Bat Co. For example, you need to buy new hats and pants for playing baseball. You can just open the Brand Apparel options on the website.

What's on Stinger Bat Co.
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It provides many kinds of hats and pants. Consumers only need to buy the hats and pants that best suit them. Furthermore, don’t forget to buy baseball uniforms for matching performances. 

You can also buy hats that have your initials. We provide hats with neutral colors and models. The price of the hats is in the range of $24.99.

If you also want to buy pants, just click on the Pants option under the Apparel Brands section. In addition, you can find pro-style baseball pants that cost $39.99.

Stinger Bat Co. Stinger Guardian BBCOR Certified-3 Baseball Bat Reviews

You may need to find good baseball bats that have good stability for Certified-3 baseball bats. If so, why don’t you buy Stinger Guardian Bat BBCOR Certified-3?

Stinger Bat Co. Stinger Guardian BBCOR Certified-3 Baseball Bat Reviews
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The color of the bats is a matte black and ion of black silver. The bats have size 31″28 oz. The price is around $269.99. Just read the review for the bats, and you will know the quality of the bats, which is awesome.

Many customers praise the quality of the Guardian BBCOR Certified-3. This is good because it has a beautiful design that will make the user look cool. Furthermore, the bats are easy to swing during the game. 

Stinger Bat Co. 2022 NUKE 2 Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat Reviews

We have another collection for BBCOR Certified-3 bat types. It is the collection is Nuke 2 Aluminum BBCOR Certified 3. It has 21 reviews, all of which are positive.

Stinger Bat Co. 2022 NUKE 2 Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat Reviews
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The bat is suitable for professional baseball players. Players can use it to get optimal velocity to hit the ball. The color is beautiful, a combination of white and black.

There are also yellow silhouettes in the design section of the nuclear image. You can get it for only $269.99. It’s quite affordable, right?

Customers who buy the NUKE 2 Aluminum will get a warranty for up to 12 months. The bat also includes BBCOR certification.

Furthermore, the bat can be used for a long time without changing performance. This allows players to play more efficiently with only one bat.

Stinger Bat Co. Stinger Winder Series Columbia Blue/White & Graphite Batting Gloves Reviews

You need gloves for baseball. Just buy the Stinger Winder Series Columbia Blue/White Graphite Batting Gloves to support your performance.

Stinger Bat Co. Stinger Winder Series Columbia Blue/White & Graphite Batting Gloves Reviews
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The price of the glove is around $39.99. The gloves have a patent from Secure Team Technology. In addition, it has 360-degree elastic wrist compression.

The gloves are not easy to wear, even though they have been used for more than 20 matches. But the gloves can help you catch the balls easier after the player hits them.

Stinger Bat Co. Pricing

How much money should you prepare to purchase baseball items from this company? Below is the table to classify the abovementioned products. 

Stinger Guardian Bat BBCOR Certified-3 $269.99
Nuke 2 Aluminum BBCOR Certified 3 $269.99
Stinger Winder Series Columbia Batting Gloves $39.99

You may also get coupons if you subscribe to the official website. Thus, are you ready to purchase them at the lower prices? 

Stinger Bat Co. Pros and Cons

If you want to discuss the quality of Stinger Bat Co., then you will be sure of the results. The whole line of items from the brand can last a long time. The prices are quite affordable for most baseball brands.

But you need to know what your purpose is in buying items. If you want to play in official matches, you need to buy better-quality equipment, such as BBCOR.

There are 4 bats in the BBCOR category, such as the Nuke 2 aluminum bat, Missile 3 aluminum bat, Missile 2 aluminum BBCOR bat, and Stinger Guardian BBCOR bat. The price of a BBCOR bat is around $229.99–$269.99.

Meanwhile, the cons of this company are it experienced a banned product in 2022 due to the decertification. So if you want to purchase the item, ensure it is certified before you bring it during the game. 

Stinger Bat Co. Customer Reviews

This section will define the products’ quality by defining ratings and testimonials. If you need this information, keep reading and find the answer! 

Stinger Bat Co. Customer Reviews
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Here are the ratings for the three products above: 

Furthermore, the customer utterance says: 

It is a great bat that comes as advertised. Slightly end-loaded with many pop. I love the grip and its slightly tapered handle too. …

This customer finds the Guardian Bat amazing because it comes the same as the advertisement. Furthermore, it has a well-fitted grip on his hand. 

Another customer said: 

I purchased this Nuke bat for my son, and he loves it! It feels great with the pop he wants! I would recommend this item.

This parent is thankful because Nuke Bat is the best option for his son. Even better, it can pop well. 

In short, Stinger Bat Co. performs nicely in providing baseball compartments for all athletes. They are satisfied and give high stars! 

Is Stinger Bat Co. Worth It?

Without any doubt, indeed, Stinger Bat Co. is worth checking out. It offers high-quality products to help athletes perform during training and the game. 

Is Stinger Bat Co. Worth It?
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Furthermore, it does not burden the buyers because the prices are reasonable. Then, you can purchase your desired products without investing too much yet qualified! 

Where to Buy Stinger Bat Co.

Customers who want to improve their performances in baseball may purchase the company’s products on the official website. You can get free shipping if you buy more than $50 without applying a discount code. 

But if you prefer a marketplace, you may also visit the official store on Amazon. Whichever method you choose, ensure to buy the original price so that you can win the game! 

Stinger Bat Co. Phone Number

Customers who need assistance from customer service may get in touch through these methods:

Please be patient while waiting for the response. Furthermore, you may also send mail or visit this address if you need a face-to-face meeting with the crew. 

Stinger Bat Co. Headquarters
Stinger Sports
2273 Burkette Rd
Rock Hill, SC 29730


Stinger Wood Bats offers a whole range of items related to baseball. Customers can purchase everything from uniforms to gloves to bats. It sounds nice because the price is quite affordable.

However, Stinger Bat Co. provides you with some item choices. You need to know your purpose, such as playing in a professional match or just practicing. Remember to choose the right bat so that you can hit the ball easier. So, start shopping now to win the game! 

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