Nettie Pickleball Reviews

In an era where technology has taken over most of your lives, you need more ways to get out and play with each other. Hence, Nettie Pickleball is here to accompany your refreshing time.

Nettie Pickleball Reviews
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Nettie is a new pickleball and outdoor recreation company. The company aims to bring excitement, community, and great design to the fastest-growing sport in America, pickleball!

Catherine founded Nettie in the Fall of 2021. The brand has appeared in publications including Vogue, The Drew Barrymore Show, Glamour, Men’s Health, and others since it was established.

In addition, the brand has also undergone tremendous growth significantly. Despite being newly founded, the company has already achieved 4K followers on Instagram, which continues to grow.

Additionally, Nettie recently launched in numerous retail stores, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Free People, Tennis Point, and others.

If you love the excitement and continued growth of pickleball, Nettie should be number 1 on your list. Next, this Nettie Pickleball review will explain everything about this brand in short, detailed paragraphs!

Why Nettie Pickleball?

Choosing Nettie Pickleball means investing in the best. With a focus on premium materials, exceptional design, and cutting-edge technology, Nettie ensures that every product meets the highest standards.

Also, with a dedicated team of pickleball enthusiasts behind the brand, you can trust that Nettie understands your needs and is passionate about helping you succeed on the court!

What's on Nettie Pickleball?

Nettie brings experiences and products to the world that inspire connection, joy, and meaningful relationships. The brand gives you plenty of ways to get out and play with each other.

What's on Nettie Pickleball?
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Nettie Pickleball Products

High-performance paddles Nettie’s paddles are designed with advanced materials, providing an optimal balance of power, control, and durability.
Sets and bundles Get everything you need in one convenient package with Nettie’s sets and bundles.
Accessories From bags to hats, Nettie has stylish accessories to complement your game.
Clothing Look and feel your best in Nettie’s selection of performance apparel.
Training tools Improve your skills with Nettie’s expertly crafted training aids.


Nettie Pickleball the Nettie Set - Double Pack Review

This comprehensive package is designed for players who want to jumpstart their pickleball journey or simply upgrade their existing equipment. 

Nettie Pickleball the Nettie Set - Double Pack Review
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Nettie Set – Double Pack Features

  • Top-of-the-line paddles
    • These sets come with two premium Nettie paddles that have been expertly made from cutting-edge materials for the ideal balance of strength, control, and longevity. Additionally, the ergonomic grip and evenly distributed weight during play offer optimal comfort, letting you to concentrate on your game without any interruptions.
  • Premium outdoor balls
    • The set comes with four outdoor pickleballs designed for optimal performance on outdoor courts. Also, these balls boast a consistent bounce and durable construction, ensuring you can enjoy countless hours of play.
  • Convenient drawstring bag
    • Transport and store your gear with ease, thanks to the included drawstring bag. With ample space for your paddles, balls, and other essentials, this bag makes it easy to stay organized and prepared for your next match.

Nettie Pickleball the Nettie Set - Double Pack (Pro Paddles) Review

The Nettie Set – Double Pack (Pro Paddles) is designed for players who are serious about their pickleball game and are ready to take it to new heights.

Nettie Pickleball the Nettie Set - Double Pack (Pro Paddles) Review
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  • Professional-grade paddles
    • The Nettie Set – Double Pack (Pro Paddles) includes two top-of-the-line, professional-grade paddles engineered for maximum performance. Moreover, these paddles boast cutting-edge materials and technology, providing an unrivaled balance of power, control, and touch. Also, the comfortable grip and well-balanced weight allow you to play with precision and ease, giving you a competitive edge on the court.
  • Premium outdoor balls
    • The set comes complete with four high-quality outdoor pickleballs designed to withstand the rigors of competitive play. These balls provide a consistent bounce and excellent durability, ensuring that your game remains at its peak throughout the match.
  • Durable carrying bag
    • Keep your gear protected and organized with the included carrying bag. Also, the sturdy bag features compartments for your paddles, balls, and other essentials, making it easy to transport your equipment to and from the court in style.

Nettie Pickleball Paddle Bag - Tangerine x Nettie Review

A high-quality paddle bag is essential for keeping your pickleball gear protected and organized. The Nettie Pickleball Paddle Bag – Tangerine x Nettie not only serves this purpose but also does so with a flair that’s sure to make heads turn.

Nettie Pickleball Paddle Bag - Tangerine x Nettie Review
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  • Padded protection
    • The bag’s interior is lined with padding to provide superior protection for your paddles. This cushioning safeguards your equipment from scratches, dents, and other damage, preserving its performance and appearance.
  • Multiple compartments
    • The Nettie Pickleball Paddle Bag features zippered compartments that allow you to keep your gear organized and accessible. With dedicated spaces for your paddles, balls, and other essentials, you will never have to rummage through your bag to find what you need.
  • Durable construction
    • The Tangerine x Nettie paddle bag is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. The brand makes this item with high-quality materials. In addition, its sturdy construction ensures your investment in this stylish accessory will last for years to come.
  • Adjustable straps
    • The adjustable straps on the case ensure a comfortable and secure fit so you can carry your gear with ease. Moreover, the ergonomic design distributes weight evenly, reducing strain on your shoulders and back.

Nettie Pickleball Pricing

As we did research on several popular pickleball brands, Nettie Pickleball has the best price on its products. You can have paddle sets for an affordable price, and we can assure you that the product price will suit your budget.

Even better, their products are mostly at a discounted price. The price is in the range of $130 – $220 for their paddle, $10 – $25 for their accessories, and $150 – $290 for their sets.

Of course, the price varies and is different because they have a quality product that has features, comforts, and durability that are different as well. But don’t worry since all their products are excellent!

If you think that the price still doesn’t really fit you, how about if we give you information that you can’t deny? Let’s have a look at these promos and deals just below:

  • Subscribe to their newsletter to unlock 15% off your first order
  • Save up to $40 by bundling
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

Hurry up! It’s a limited time, so get the product that’s perfect for you and then start to play the game.

Nettie Pickleball Pros and Cons

Nettie Pickleball is a very popular brand. However, this brand also has its advantages & disadvantages points.


  • Premium quality products
  • Wide range of options
  • Stylish and functional accessories
  • Any player can play


  • Slightly higher price point than some competitors

Is Nettie Pickleball Worth It?

It’s understandable that some people that are new to this game will ask a question: “Is the brand truly worth it for me?” Trust us. You’ll make it becomes your new hobby that you’ll love to play!

Is Nettie Pickleball Worth It?
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Nettie Pickleball not only gives the best for their customers, but they also strive for themselves by providing decent quality for their products. You’ll find that their product is super comfortable, durable, and sustainable, so hopefully that you can use it for years to come.

What makes the brand even better is that they’ve already been trusted by 10.000+ happy customers, so it’s likely that they already have a community on their social media page.

More so, they provide their excellent service in the following ways:

  • Next-Day Dispatch: They’ll pack your order and deliver it to you by the next business day
  • Free Shipping: You’ll get free, fully trackable shipping if your orders are above $100
  • Exchanges & Returns: They offer Free of Charge to return your purchase within 30 days.

With all of these, how can we not say that this brand is really legit and, most importantly, worth it? All their customers have already said that word.

Nettie Pickleball Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Nettie Pickleball proudly displays 10,000+ happy customers & 5-star reviews on its official website. In this section, we will present some customer testimonials about the brand so that you can consider them before investing in this brand.

Nettie Pickleball Customer Reviews
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Nettie’s customers have praised the quality of their products. Many customers are impressed with the fantastic paddles, balls, accessories, and apparel selection. This is one of the customer feedback on the quality:

I absolutely love the designs and enjoy the feel and craftsmanship. Thank you for making a not-ugly pickleball paddle!

In addition to product quality, customers are impressed with Nettie’s outstanding customer service. They always ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchases and that all orders are shipped quickly and arrive on time.

This is my 3rd Nettie paddle, and I cannot speak highly enough about the brand. The paddles look and feel better than anything else on the market. Their customer service is also top-notch!

Again, many customers love how this brand has everything they need in one place. People were also very impressed with the fast shipping and handling times. This is one of the satisfied service & shipping comments:

The website is so cute and easy to navigate. Also, the shipping was so fast!

Overall, customers have nothing but great things to say about Nettie Pickleball. No wonder this brand has earned many 5-star ratings for its product variety, excellent service, and superior quality. Knowing such customer feedback, you can shop with confidence at this brand.

Nettie Pickleball Customer Service

If you have something to ask unrelated to this Nettie Pickleball review, you can contact their customer service team in the following ways:

Even if they’re not telling us when the waiting time for them to respond is, we already check that most customers appraise with their responsive customer support team. So it’s basically that they’re easy to reach out to.

Where To Buy Nettie Pickleball

You’ll find it easy to get products from Nettie Pickleball. Their products are available in select stores. It includes Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

But we highly recommend that you can purchase their products directly on their official website. It’s because they offer many things. It includes:

  • free shipping,
  • an official warranty,
  • discounts, promos, deals, and many more.

So don’t wait. You can get all those perks if you buy now.


What can we help you find?

Ask us anything, we are here to help you to deal with anything!

Are Nettie Pickleball products suitable for beginners and professionals?

Nettie offers products for players of all skill levels, from novice to pro.

Do Nettie paddles meet USAPA standards?

Yes, Nettie paddles are designed to meet or exceed USAPA standards, ensuring they are suitable for tournament play.

Can I customize my Nettie Pickleball paddle?

While they do not currently offer customization options, their paddles come in various designs and colors to suit your preferences.

What is the warranty on Nettie Pickleball products?

They offer a limited warranty on their products. For specific warranty information, please visit or contact their customer support.

How do I care for my Nettie Pickleball paddle?

To keep your paddle in top condition, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, clean it with mild soap and water, and store it in a protective bag when not in use.

Does Nettie Pickleball ship internationally?

Yes, Nettie ships worldwide. For shipping rates and delivery times, please visit their website or contact their customer support.


In conclusion, Nettie Pickleball is the ultimate destination for pickleball enthusiasts looking to invest in top-quality equipment and accessories. With a range of products designed to cater to players of all skill levels, Nettie offers the perfect combination of style, performance, and durability.

So why wait? Elevate your game and join the Nettie Pickleball revolution today! Visit and discover your new favorite pickleball brand. Don’t forget to share your experiences and successes on the court with Nettie Gear!

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